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Luca Nichetto honours design with an illustrious monograph and a global book circle
Luca Nichetto signing the book
Image: Courtesy of Nichetto Studio

Luca Nichetto honours design with an illustrious monograph and a global book circle

Travelling across the globe, Nichetto navigates a dynamic debate on the future of design while promoting Nichetto Studio’s monograph.

by Luca Nichetto
Published on : Jul 09, 2022

Luca Nichetto’s eponymous studio recently published its first monograph in April 2022. Underlining some of Nichetto’s more illustrious and memorable projects, relationships and experiences, this monograph that also doubles as a coffee table book, concisely presents an overview of the past twenty years of Nichetto Studio. “Different countries see opportunity in different things, and that helped to push me out of my comfort zone. I have the privilege of being able to jump into opportunities that challenge me and my Studio in different scenarios,” says Luca Nichetto about the myriad personal and professional experiences.

Comprising several interviews with creatives, managers and journalists, an overview of 137 projects, accompanied by 400 photographs and several sketches and prototypes, the monograph manages to provide an extensive sight into the studio’s existence. Complete with little stories and anecdotes, one can understand the guiding principles and inspirations that led to several creative and pragmatic decisions by Nichetto. 

The Italian designer, well known for his experimentations that transcend scale, discipline and styles, traces his creative journey in the book: from his Italian abode to the capital of Sweden and everything in between. Following the book’s publication by Phaidon Press, Nichetto decided to create the Nichetto Book Circle

The itinerant project focuses on staging dynamic debates to discuss the immediate future of design, by a chorus of international voices belonging to different universes and practices. The first stage of the book circle took place in New York during the ICFF 2022 intending to bring the design community together while promoting the monograph. Luca’s idea was to create a classic book circle: a gathering of people discussing design in all of its forms and around a common text- a sort of manifesto- which shapes itself as a starting point for ideas, suggestions, opinions and even provocations. 

The second in the series of the well-conducted book circle was held in Milan during the Milan Design Week 2022 via Solferino 23 surrounded by BemyGuest installation that was created for Vitale Barberis Canonico. Furthermore, concluding the first circle, the event was held in Copenhagen during the 3daysofdesign in June 2022. 

Studio Nichetto would be carrying forward the awe-inspiring summit of collaborative book circles across the world post-summer, in different locations and on different occasions all with one aim: spending words on art, design, fashion and food while aiming to inspire new conversations and new transversal projects.

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