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make your fridays matter

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What’s past, what’s present and what’s going to be in the future, all gets contextualized in time…a time that has and will always have a view. A time that may have a point to make. A point of view to today’s NEW, or shall we say, a POINT OF NEW.

We all have stories to tell, we all yearn to learn what’s NEW in the universe we belong to. Focusing on the world of architecture, design, and new media arts, we at STIRpad welcome you to narrate your stories.

STIRpad is a simple effort to help creators share and demonstrate their new collections, galleries to talk about their new exhibitions and special projects, manufacturers and leading industry players to talk about their new designs and technology, designers to bring to light the collaborations, milestones and accolades they have recently merited. It is a meticulously curated platform for all innovators to show their NEW as they like it, cutting through the digital clutter.

STIRpad is a destination for professionals, young practitioners, enthusiasts, collectors, for all who are creating their new workplace or a new home, for learners, innovators, trendsetters and educators who seek what’s new in the creative world.

STIRpad is a launchpad for YOUR NEW.

Led by the ideology of STIR and its four driving principles – Connect, Collaboration, Content and Community, STIRpad brings the world of creatives together beyond geographical boundaries and disciplines. STIRpad professionals know that they are with each other, even when they are not.

STIRpad is the second digital platform from the House of STIR after - a global publication for the best of design, architecture and new-media art.