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Draga & Aurel x Rossana Orlandi Gallery return to NOMAD with Coralia
RIVE by Draga & Aurel
Image: Image: Courtesy of Rossana Orlandi Gallery and Draga & Aurel

Draga & Aurel x Rossana Orlandi Gallery return to NOMAD with Coralia

The Italian studio presented a unique ensemble of hand-made furniture pieces inspired from marine life. 

by Draga & Aurel
Published on : Jul 12, 2022

After taking part in Venice in 2019 and St. Moritz in 2020, Draga & Aurel returned to NOMAD, in collaboration with the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, to present a collection of items hand-made for the prestigious Milanese gallery of collectible design, including some new ones. “When people ask me what leads me to choose a work or a designer — since I started working in the design field, I always give the same answer: emotionability, the ability to create emotion," says Rossana Orlandi. "The same emotion I'm sure will play a leading role in this edition of Nomad in Capri, where nature has given us what is perhaps one of its most beautiful pieces of design. And in a backdrop like this, what dialogue would be more beautiful than that between creative people and the Creator?”, she adds.

“We're excited about returning to Nomad and about being there together with Rossana Orlandi, an international design icon," says Draga Obradovic, co-founder of Draga & Aurel. "We've been working with Rossana Orlandi for less than a year but an incredible synergy has already formed, leading us to push further in the creation of our art and design pieces. It was no coincidence that we chose the name 'Coralia', which on the one hand makes reference to the most precious living thing in the sea, as a tribute to the host island, and on the other, it suggests the concept of 'choral', which is a good way to describe the collaborative journey undertaken with the gallery”, she adds.

From the 6th to the 10th of July, they exhibited Coralia at Certosa di San Giacomo, in Capri. The project was inspired by the magical island of Capri and by the infinite shades of its sea: from the turquoise, periwinkle, indigo, cyan, and ultramarine of the rippling waves to the yellow, orange, pink, and purple of the coral and anemones populating the seabed. The items by Draga & Aurel that were presented at NOMAD CAPRI included the GOLIA coffee table, JOY Circle lamp, RIVE armchair and stool, CALA bench and coffee table and artworks by Aurel K. Basedow. 

It was a playful, vibrant tale that weaved together art and design, made up of objects and artworks in which the transparent colored flowing resin, illuminated by neon lights, is juxtaposed with the solidness of the raw concrete treated with sea salt and Ragmate salvaged hand-knotted fabrics reminiscent of marine fauna.

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