RoCollectible Design 2021 at Rossana Orlandi Gallery
Photo Credit: Marco Menghi, Courtesy of Rossana Orlandi Gallery

RoCollectible Design 2021 at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

by Nitija Immanuel
Published on : Sep 12, 2021

Embodying its reputation as a landmark of contemporary design and one of the best-known addresses to design enthusiasts visiting Milan Design Week 2021, Rossana Orlandi's gallery is playing host to a selection of both iconic as well as brand new pieces from a roster of designers and artists curated by the celebrated Italian gallerist. Running parallel to the RoGuiltless Plastic showcase, from 4-12 September, the exhibition at Orlandi's gallery titled RoCollectible Design 2021, features items from Amsterdam-based interior designer and sculptor Alicja Strzyzynska's Living Forms collection, alongside contributions by Japanese mosaic artist Yukiko Nagai, French designer Jean Yves Lanvin, Italian ceramicist and sculptor Tonino Negri, as well as artist and designer Alessandro Ciffo, among showcases by many other established as well as upcoming creatives.

As part of the programming, Benedetta Mori Ubaldini - a Milan-based sculptor known for her entrancing work with metal wire, has developed an installation within the gallery titled What would I be without you, presented as an 'oneiric creature-filled landscape' that pays homage to the symbolic qualities of life forms from the animal and plant kingdoms. Alternatively, Mandalaki Studio is also showcasing pieces from their Halo Edition lighting project, in an exhibition titled HyperNature, described by the designers as a 'collection of living lights.' Simultaneously on display at the three-storey gallery is the work of French ceramicist and contemporary sculptor Gregoire Scalabre as well as designs from the Fungus, Recovered, and Kopna collections by Czech glass design practice David Valner Studio.

Rosanna Orlandi & RoCollectible Design 2021

Milan Design Week 2021,

from September 4th to 12th

Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Via Matteo Bandello, 14


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