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Meridiani transports the Meridiani House project to the 3daysofdesign festival
Meridiani House in Copenhagen
Image: Courtesy of Meridiani

Meridiani transports the Meridiani House project to the 3daysofdesign festival

The Italian brand is set to participate in the design festival in Copenhagen with an innovative exhibition concept to be developed in cahoots with professionals across the globe.

by Meridiani
Published on : Jun 02, 2024

From Italy to Denmark: Meridiani flies to Northern Europe to land on Danish soil and present the Meridiani House project in Copenhagen on the occasion of the 3daysofdesign (June 12-14, 2024), the design event that enlivens the city with the vitality of professionals and design enthusiasts.

Launched during Milan Design Week 2024 with the Meridiani House in Milan, in Corso Venezia 29, the project proposes an innovative exhibition concept to be developed in partnership with professionals in different cities all over the world; it shows the ability of the Italian brand's collections to dress up an apartment made up of many rooms, interpreting different furnishing styles—whether personal or cultural—and raising the displayed areas to the wholly integrated ambience of a real home.

This is how the Meridiani House in Copenhagen was born, the first on an international scale: a project developed on a surface of 180 square metres, thanks to the collaboration between Andrea Parisio, designer and art director of Meridiani, and Christine Callsen, the renowned Danish designer and long-time partner of the Italian brand. Creative cooperation is based on common values and high goals, a shared interpretation of the meaning of quality and tailor-made elegance, artisanal passion and functional harmony. Their artistic approach is strengthened by a wise design culture that aims at rethinking and interpreting the balance of spaces, to offer visitors a multi-faceted and complete home experience.

Located north of the capital, in Hellerup, the new Meridiani House Copenhagen by Callsen welcomes guests to an elegant residential context. It is an apartment with five rooms signed by Meridiani, each one with a distinct expressive focus that, at the same time, contributes to the harmonic overall setting of a home with pure Danish identity. The two living spaces appear like the two profiles of the same face: one, with warm and enveloping shades of brown and beige; the other, with colder hues and white and platinum-plated steel finishes. A game of balance between colour contrasts is instead what defines the dining area, dominated by black tones and counterbalanced by the white tea room.

In the bedroom, the juxtaposition becomes more material, where the marble tops of the night tables meet the soft padding of the generous headboard of the bed.

It is an accurate equilibrium to fulfil the desire for a delicate set, infused with light but also vaporised shadows; an atmosphere that realises an island of comfort within the apartment walls and creates an intimate and empathetic connection with any visitor.

Following the path traced by Storie di case—the brand's concept book that illustrates the adaptability of Meridiani product designs as they furnish five different homes in five different locations—the storytelling about Meridiani's versatility goes on, talking about the brand’s ability to create collections to reflect the personality of those who live in the house. Within this narration, the Italian soul of Parisio and the Danish imprint of Callsen have realised the Meridiani House in Copenhagen as an emotional expression of furniture design, a synthesis of Meridiani versatility and local aesthetic key elements, a connection of multiple parts to make up just the ideal euphony for a place that is home.

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