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ERCO x JUNG bring a play of light and colour to Fuorisalone with FARBDURST
ERCO x JUNG present FARBDURST at Fuorisalone 2022
Image: Courtesy of JUNG

ERCO x JUNG bring a play of light and colour to Fuorisalone with FARBDURST

The temporary installation at the Brera design district creates a lighting concept that plays with the visual perception of colours.

Published on : Jun 08, 2022

A stage for innovative design, Milan is inviting visitors to Fuorisalone 2022 from 6 to 12 June 2022. In conjunction with the Salone del Mobile, Fuorisalone presents events and exhibitions around the world of design in various parts of the city. ERCO is dedicated to the interplay of light and colour: for the temporary installation FARBDURST by German technology brand JUNG in the Brera Design District, a lighting concept is being created that plays with the visual perception of colours.

The desire for colour and form reigns and creates an inspiring place of imagination. FARBDURST opens up the space for the full range of human emotions. Colours transport feelings, they affect our mood and influence how people feel in spaces. The installation by JUNG uses the magical power of colour as an invitation to absorb the impressions of thirsting for joy, emotion and life.

JUNG invites you to enter the dialogue surrounded by colours - a cheerful red, an enthusiastic orange, a spontaneous yellow or a romantic pink. In subtle tones, the LS 990 switch shows the chromatic depth of the 'Polychromie Architecturale' of the original Les Couleurs Le Corbusier colours in all its diversity. "JUNG shows its colours. The unique feature about the system of Le Corbusier system is that each of the 63 colours can be combined with any other in the system," explains Deniz Turgut, Marketing Manager of JUNG. "Like life, the colours of the installation show themselves in many different shades and tones, in patterns and designs. The variety stands for the JUNG switch range, but also for a diversity of people and emotions. FARBDURST enables the opportunity for a multi-coloured togetherness", he adds.

Colour perception is the interplay of light and body colour. The composition of light allows certain colours to be emphasised or to disappear completely. ERCO's lighting concept for the FARBDURST installation plays with this effect of visual perception known as metamerism. Wirelessly controllable Parscan InTrack LED spotlights are used. They continuously and infinitely change the colour of the light, which also changes the colour of objects. For example, by overemphasising and toning down colours, a red, very saturated body becomes a pastel-coloured object in the next moment. Shades of colour can even be completely erased by metamerism. A special interplay of light and colour is created. Made possible by the ideal combination of ERCO's lighting expertise and JUNG's control competence.

The installation, conceived by the design office raumkontor, is very much in the here and now with its intensity. It stands for joy, life, emotion, dialogue and exchange – not least symbolised by an inviting long table. Take a seat and quench your thirst for colour.

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