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Retro lamps to sepulchral plaster lighting: 10 stellar lighting designs for that coveted glimmer
Lighting design by MM Lampadari, Laurameroni Design Collection and Jan Ernst
Image: Courtesy of MM Lampadari, Laurameroni Design Collection and Greg Cox

Retro lamps to sepulchral plaster lighting: 10 stellar lighting designs for that coveted glimmer

STIR lists down ten lighting designs that highlight innovation, creativity and craftsmanship while illuminating your den.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Jul 19, 2022

From conjuring illusions that magnify dimensions to drawing attention towards accent elements, the appropriate balance of light and shadow can saturate a zone with an energy apropos of its functionality. From ceramic lamps representing a womb to plaster light reminiscent of ancient statues and sculptures, STIR invites you to discover innovative lighting designs that spark up your interiors and rouses curiosity. Here is STIR’s selection of ten luminous gizmos that are coveted companions for any interior design.

1. Clis by Laurameroni Design Collection

Clis by Laurameroni Design Collection Image: Courtesy of Laurameroni Design Collection

This suspension lamp by Laurameroni Design Collection is a sculptural tour de force. Clis by Italian brand Laurameroni Design Collection is a system of minute disc-jewel lamps braced by thin cables. The possible configurations - single, in line, in groups, in cascade - leave ample leeway for customisation. The interchangeable magnetic covers clothe the product in bronze or brass, with textures and even precious polychrome marbles. The spotlights are adjustable both on the vertical and horizontal axis to spread the light beam most effectively and to create decorative light effects.

2. Piercing Chandelier by Clan Milano

Piercing Chandelier by Clan Milano Image: Courtesy of Clan Milano

Get your home this jewel to hang, illuminated by a precious brass finish and opal glass bulbs. Delivery by Clan Milano, the Brianza-based company, is a collection of proposed furnishings, introducing dynamism and freshness in the ambience at Milan Design Week 2022, with an unparalleled design language. The Piercing chandelier, a luminescent ensemble of opal bulbs and brass finish, reinterprets the classic arches through the alteration of the diameters of the tubular structures.

3. Joy by Draga & Aurel

Joy lamp by Draga & Aurel Image: Courtesy of Draga & Aurel
Joy Circle by Draga & Aurel Image: Courtesy of Draga & Aurel

Revive the retro and the Space Age with this organic light ‘pill’. Joy by Draga & Aurel features deep colours resulting from combined layers of coloured epoxy resin and dimmable neon lighting. Entirely handcrafted by the Italian design duo, this wall lamp is available in a wide range of vivid colour variations, achieved after many revisions in order to find the perfect combination of colours.

4. Womb Lamp by Jan Ernst

Womb lamp by Jan Ernst Image: Courtesy of Greg Cox
Joy Circle by Jan Ernst Image: Courtesy of Jacobus Snyman

Channel the primeval concepts of life and death through these lamps by Jan Ernst. Showcased at the Galerie Revel, France, as part of the Collectible Design Fair 2022, the Womb lamp collection is an assortment of white stoneware lamps that is a tribute to the dual concepts of birth as the human genesis and fire as instrumental to the survival of the species. The collection consists of two table lamps, two pendant lamps and two wall lamps, all of which represent the womb as a beautiful and highly delicate creation of nature. The Baby Pendant and the Mama Pendant reinforce the thought that the duo, despite having the ability to exist independently, are always tied together with affection.

5. Layla by MM Lampadari

Layla by MM Lampadari Image: Courtesy of MM Lampadari
The hand blown glass lamps are defined by sinuous outlines Image: Courtesy of MM Lampadari

Layla is a new table lamp designed by Serena Confalonieri in collaboration with MM Lampadari. True to its name which means “night” that suggests the use of the lamp in the most intimate spaces, it keeps us company until the moment of sleep. These hand blown glass lamps are defined by sinuous outlines. The finishes diversify the upper part, transparent and monochromatic, from the lower one, opaque and striped. The result is a kaleidoscopic mix of colours, a perfect dialogue between form and decoration.

6. Melting lamps by Tarek Elkassouf

Melting lamps by Tarek Elkassouf Image: Courtesy of Tarek Elkassouf

Banish the banal with a gust of surrealism. ‘Melting lamps’ by Australia-based Tarek Elkassouf is an exploration of materiality and surrealism in design. The physical properties of the design elements are transferred so that the fragile light creates the illusion of melting through a block of marble. Light elements are dropped onto the marble to mould a liquefying effect in the solid structure.

7. Requiem by Lee Broom

Requiem RingImage: Courtesy of Arthur Woodcroft
Requiem GlobeImage: Courtesy of Arthur Woodcroft

Evoke fluidity with this weightless, fragile drapery that meanders mid-air to seize a levitating light source. Widening the horizons of material experimentation and exploring the juxtaposition of art, architecture and design, British interior designer Lee Broom crafts Requiem, an ethereal collection in white plaster reminiscent of marble drapery on ancient statues and sepulchral sculptures. Presented as part of the Divine Inspiration exhibition by Lee Broom’s eponymous lighting, furniture and interior design brand at Milan Design Week 2022, the series encompasses four limited edition Requiem designs.

8. Circle Lamp by Cantori

Circle lamp by CantoriImage: Courtesy of Cantori

Embellish your home with the tall and lean stature of this sleek metallic lamp. For 2022, the Italian furniture brand Cantori created a collection that integrates new materials such as resin with classic materials such as metal for creating the perfect indoor pieces. Italian designers such as Maurizio Manzoni and Luca Roccadadria contribute their design expertise to the sophisticated collection, which features tables, chairs, and lamps. Roccadadria platforms the Circle lamps as a whimsical piece realised in metal. The long, curved stem of the floor lamp appears to be holding a vaguely oriental hat in place that encloses a direct source of light.

9. Ceramic Lamps by Elisa Uberti

Refuges lamp by Elisa UbertiImage: Courtesy of Elisa Uberti

Allow your lighting to exude the nurturing spirit of cocoons. Drawing inspiration from the raw poetry of organic and wild nature, French designer and artist Elisa Uberti sculpts an oeuvre that embodies both a respect of the time which passes and a need of timelessness. Extending this sensitivity to the beauty of ceramic craftsmanship and simplicity, the Roubaix-based designer fabricates her body of stoneware lamps. The artist is drawn to sculptural but simple, intemporal design and unpretentious materials.

10. Nicholas Devlin’s Three Little Lamps bench

Nicholas Devlin’s Three Little Lamps benchImage: Courtesy of Aleko Syntelis

If you are seeking to spotlight eccentricity in your space, this contemporary design will surely catch your eye. Three Little Lamps bench by Brooklyn, New York based sculptor and furniture maker Nicholas Devlin is a rare union of furniture and lighting design. The playful silhouette of the bench has three lamps attached to its tentacle-like projections and a foam cushion to optimise comfort. In the annual exhibition MELT, the design participated in a body of work that features furniture, lighting, artworks and sculptures, all comprising a cohesive ensemble that adheres to a similar aesthetic.

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