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Sara Ricciardi presents healing and nostalgia 'Under the Willow Tree' at 5Vie
Under the Willow Tree by Sara Ricciardi at Milan Design Week
Image: Courtesy of Sara Ricciardi

Sara Ricciardi presents healing and nostalgia 'Under the Willow Tree' at 5Vie

At Milan Design Week 2024, the Italian designer unveils an immersive installation evocative of a willow tree and donned in vibrant yellow textiles—realising a healing and soothing environment.

by Sara Ricciardi
Published on : Apr 19, 2024

Milan-based designer and artist Sara Ricciardi realises a sinuous and vibrant installation in a room of Palazzo Lizza in the 5Vie Design District during Milan Design Week 2024. Titled Under the Willow Tree, the art installation emulates the branches of the willow tree, adorned with bright yellow textiles to yield a healing environment. To conceive the experience, the Italian designer collaborates with Paolo Borghi, a music therapist and musician. The concept note of the installation reads:

Under the branches of a willow tree, quietness.

The willow is a tree that creates shelter with its soft hanging branches.

Nostalgic and healing, soothing in its leaning to the ground.

A great symbol of the cycle of life, the feminine cycle and the power of the moon.

Its branches become harmonic sound elements, hydrophones that produce sound vibrations through small metal bells, which in the wind or as people pass by give back a melody of notes with an ancestral appeal.

Like arriving on the bank of a placid river, in a great enchanted nature in which to connect to one's primitive frequencies. A soothing landscape to be played together to lull oneself into breathing and meditation.

At Palazzo Litta, an immersive installation with willow branches which give life to the space with their branches made up of the precious textile work of Antica Fabbrica Passamanerie Massia Vittorio 1843 Torino, with the contribution of Paolo Borghi, a music therapist and musician who has intoned all the sound balance of the bar chimes of our branches.

Metal contains within itself the sound of the universe and the energy of vibration to bring us back together on paths of mutual care and relational calm.

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