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'Prendete e Mangiate' explores the idea Dadaism at Milan Design Week
Ron Arad's Prendete e Mangiate during Milan Design Week
Image: Courtesy of Prendete e Mangiate

'Prendete e Mangiate' explores the idea Dadaism at Milan Design Week

During the design festival, the exhibition takes the stage at the 5Vie Design District, presenting work from artists such as Ron Arad, Giopato & Coombes and Vittorio Passaro.

by Ron Arad
Published on : Apr 19, 2024

Prendete e Mangiate, curated by Linda Pilar Zanolla, continues to explore the idea of the table, the act that symbolises dialogue, sharing, relationships and human connections. This edition, unfolding during Milan Design Week 2024 in the 5Vie Design District, focuses on the title of the exhibition, on the act itself, through a selection of ‘primordial’ objects, initial contact with food that becomes transformable energy for the body.

The choice of artworks, created by various artists, is not guided by mere decorative canons: the objects are not inanimate; therefore, everything is unique and precious. The ambition is for an exhibition created out of an amalgamation of ready-made objects and found objects; an exhibition that draws inspiration from Dadaism.

In this temporary composition, objects are combined, paired, grouped, stacked, hung, and positioned: a new concert of objects/artworks created with a nod to ancient materials, almost as if it were their second life. The desire is to give each individual object the power to express the identity of the person who made them, thus embodying the exhibition style. Therefore, the artworks are presented in the design exhibition by creating a relationship among them, despite being a mix of folk objects (in the truest sense of the word), art objects and crafted objects, seeking an exhibition approach for reinterpreted kitchen tools (a utensil, a plate, a glass, a tray) created with different and unusual materials.

Four fundamental elements fuel creative interventions: object research, objects, relationships between objects, and arrangement based on interactions among people. At the design event, the show presents creations from artists and designers such as Arianna De Luca, Studio Serena Cancellieri, Daria Dazzan, Haley Bates, MA! Studio x Timi Keramika, Nella Figueroa, Ron Arad, Giopato & Coombes and Vittorio Passaro. 

"Sometimes you find that, in the process of working, ideas migrate and develop from one project to another and from one medium to others," says Arad. Tangent is the perfect synthesis of this concept. It was created ad hoc for Take and Eat; it is the interpretation that the designer gives after a long story about the sense of choice of the exhibition. Tangent was designed by four hands: wanted in marble, adapted to this living and exclusive material, carved from a monolith. Tangent has a movement, a bending that idealises its movement in the act itself of eating. It takes shape, sculpts space, softens a material, moves, looks, inhabits, colours, decorates, collects and distributes, stands and leans, is caressed, and felt.

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