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Nostalgia meets contemporary design in 'Designing Memories by Luca Nichetto'
'Designing Memories by Luca Nichetto' at 3daysofdesign
Image: Courtesy of Nichetto Studio

Nostalgia meets contemporary design in 'Designing Memories by Luca Nichetto'

The exhibition at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen this year explored the creative collaboration between Nichetto Studio and &Tradition, through new design releases and cherished ones.

by Luca Nichetto
Published on : Jun 17, 2024

Celebrating almost decade of creative partnership between Nichetto Studio and manufacturer &Tradition, Designing Memories by Luca Nichetto emerged as an immersive exhibition at the Danish brand's Copenhagen showroom during 3daysofdesign 2024. This experiential journey transcended generations, or as the collaborates relay, "Imagine discovering a handwritten diary from the past—that’s the kind of nostalgic journey this installation offers."

The design installation unfolded in distinct chapters through lighting designs, sofa designs and table designs by Nichetto, each meticulously crafted to reflect pivotal moments expressed through giant hands interacting with both, new releases and iconic ones. Marking the initiation of this sensory voyage at the design event was the Cloud armchair, evoking fond memories of lounging on a comfortable sofa reminiscent of one's grandparents, staying true to its namesake. Following this, visitors encountered the inverted Lato table, symbolising the sweet lollipops clandestinely bestowed by grandparents, summoning a tangible representation of the spirited design philosophy underlying the collaboration. 

The cushions of the Isole sofa design, serving as symbols of memory and familial affection, hovered like ethereal thought bubbles, merging with other elements such as legs, to form a visual metaphor bridging generations. Adorning oversized fingers similar to cherished rings was the latest creation for &Tradition, the Sett table a design heirloom poised to be passed down through the ages. Lastly, arranged upon a pillar-like wrist, the Tabata outdoor lamps in new finishes evoked the iconic bracelets of one's grandparents, completing the nostalgic journey through design.

Beyond commemorating the fruitful collaboration between Nichetto Studio and &Tradition, the installation served as an invitation to view design through a lens that melded nostalgia with contemporary design, fostering a dialogue between the past and the present.


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