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Nichetto Studio's 'Soft Blown'  balloon inspired lamps at Milan Design Week 2023
'Soft Blown' collection by Nichetto Studio at Milan Design Week 2023
Image: Courtesy of Nichetto Studio

Nichetto Studio's 'Soft Blown' balloon inspired lamps at Milan Design Week 2023

The collection comprising Airbloom table lamp and the Afloat suspension lamp draws inspiration from performance artists that craft intricate balloon creations.

by Luca Nichetto
Published on : Apr 18, 2023

Renowned for its playful design ethos, Nichetto Studio has approached the Soft Blown collection with characteristic verve and imagination. The collection draws inspiration from the convivial spirit of balmy, sunny days when the streets are lined with performance artists, effortlessly crafting colourful and intricate balloon creations. It's from this evocative image that the Airbloom table lamp and the Afloat suspension lamp came to life.

Working with porcelain and its almost air-like malleability, Nichetto Studio creates soft shapes that summon the buoyancy of balloon art. Imaginative forms and layered patterns carved on the products’ surfaces communicate Lladró's unique expertise and heritage working with porcelain, recalling inflatable pool loungers to mind, and coming full circle on this whimsical inspiration flow.

The collection launches during Milan Design Week 2023 and debuts with two pieces—a table lamp and a suspension lamp.


Evoking balloon art and other skilfully hand-blown pieces, the illusion of weightlessness suffuses the porcelain structure of the Airbloom table lamp. Drawing inspiration from the airy construction of such items, Nichetto Studio has created a playful but functional object with an unexpected, fanciful quality. The oval-shaped stem is carved with classic patterns reminiscent of inflatable pool loungers, intricate designs that embody Lladró's unique mastery of porcelain art. With its woven-effect surface, the spherical top emits a warm glow, infusing the room with a subtle, elegant light.


True to form, Nichetto Studio artfully blends playfulness and creativity with everyday functionality in the Afloat suspension lamp. Inspired by the intrinsic ease of summer with its ubiquity of street performers and balloon art, the lamp is composed of a string of porcelain 'balloons' pieced together to create the illusion of weightlessness and form the final geometry. Carved with classic patterns influenced by those often found on inflatable pool loungers, the blending and medley of textures convey Lladró's time-honoured heritage of porcelain art. The engraved bulbs radiate a soft light that showcases the detail of the design, in its finest light.

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