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Nada Debs Studio unveils ‘SWIRLMANIA’ at We Design Beirut
SWIRLMANIA by Studio Nada Debs
Image: Walid Rashid

Nada Debs Studio unveils ‘SWIRLMANIA’ at We Design Beirut

The exhibition features 25 variations of the classic SWIRL table, each showcasing intricate and unique craft techniques that blend traditional methods with innovative design.

by Nada Debs
Published on : May 26, 2024

Studio Nada Debs, a trailblazer in Eastern contemporary design, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest exhibition, SWIRLMANIA, set to debut at the studio’s headquarters in Gemmayze during We Design Beirut 2024 from May 23-26, 2024. SWIRLMANIA is an extraordinary series of 25 variations of the product designer’s classic SWIRL table, intricately and finely designed table designs to showcase different highly specific and delicate crafts. Each piece in the collection is a testament to the studio's mastery of both traditional design and unique craft techniques that continue to push the boundaries, creating pieces that transcend geography, language and culture. The studio is determined to continuously showcase new craft techniques to the cultural repertoire and within the narrative of contemporary identity. While all tables share the same basic circular form, they each highlight unique variations in techniques, materials and textures that have been developed over the long course of the studio’s creative history.

At the heart of SWIRLMANIA lies the captivating centrepiece, the SWIRL table. From intricate mother-of-pearl inlays that take over 80 hours to complete, to stunning tin inlays to masterful weaving, carving and marquetry, every product design showcases the skill and creativity inherent in its celebrated regional craft, seamlessly blending time-honoured methods with innovative approaches of passionate craftspeople that help bring these modernist ideas to life. These limited tables are a labour of love and delineate the studio’s determination to create new craft approaches to make long-lasting, consciously luxurious pieces.

"We wholeheartedly embrace our dual roles as both craft custodians and sponsors of this remarkable city design initiative. Inspired by Beirut's vibrant spirit, we consistently celebrate its role as an amalgamation of opposites, where creativity always finds its way up and forward. Just like We Design, we are dedicated to promoting artistry and creativity in our daily work. Proudly, we have paved the way for young designers in Lebanon and the region, serving as early-day pioneers in both design and craft. Witnessing this community flourish and enrich our collective journeys is truly a gift," shares Nada Debs.

This We Design city exhibition also serves as a celebration of the Lebanese designer’s 25-year journey in craftsmanship, embodying the essence of Lebanese time-honoured art and design innovation. This collection is a noteworthy celebration of techniques that the studio has researched, fine-tuned and perfected over the past 20-plus years, whereby the processes and techniques are at the core of the collection rather than simply the tables themselves.

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