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Nada Debs’ Horizon Collection is an experiment in leather marquetry
The carafe holders from the Horizon collection come in several different colours
Image: Nada Debs

Nada Debs’ Horizon Collection is an experiment in leather marquetry

The leather collection by Nada Debs comprises trays, coasters and carafe holders in various colours

by Nada Debs
Published on : Jan 22, 2022

The latest creation by Lebanese designer, Nada Debs, comprises a collection of objects made out of leather patches. The Horizon collection, inspired by the elemental features of nature, follows a corresponding colour palette that induces familiarity and warmth. “For those who like to step into the unknown, this new collection represents views of the horizon looking beyond mountain escapes, sunsets and sunrise, and the ocean in its vast glory,” recalls Nada Debs as she describes the emotions that inspired the design.

The collection comprises three objects: vide poche trays, coasters, and leather carafe holders, which come in three colours, green, blue and red. Debs selected these colours as they represent the basic elements of nature: earth, water and fire, respectively. These colours, accompanied by the warm brown of the wood and the clear texture of glass, appear like subtle objects that can occupy a space without any ostentatious presentation.

The Horizon collection marks Nada Debs’ first attempt at leather marquetry. The designs of the pieces in this collection carry a distinct old-school charm which is a defining feature of all of Debs’ designs. They utilise geometric patterns in their simple yet beguiling compositions. Each piece was worked on by skilled craftsmen and artisans to achieve the perfect curve and bend. The end products represent a fusion of Japanese design and Middle Eastern processing.

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