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Masquespacio unveils 'Lynk & Co Club' in Madrid as an oasis of creativity
Lynk & Co Club bar
Image: Courtesy of Masquespacio

Masquespacio unveils 'Lynk & Co Club' in Madrid as an oasis of creativity

The 'Lynk & Co Club' designed by Masquespacio offers a versatile environment for working, shopping, socialising and experiencing cultural references.

by Masquespacio
Published on : May 27, 2024

Automotive brand Lynk & Co has opened its second club in Madrid, located on the iconic Gran Vía. This new space, designed by Masquespacio and Lynk & Co's design team, represents an oasis of creativity and functionality in the city's heart. More than just a dealership, the interior design is configured as an open and versatile space where users can work, shop, socialise, attend events and even test drive the brand's 01 models. The hospitality design by Masquespacio and the Lynk & Co design team inspired by the seven artistic disciplines and emblematic references of the city of Madrid, offers a 'fun and ironic' experience in every corner.

Upon entering the Lynk & Co Club Madrid, the visitor is greeted by a cosy lounge area with a sofa design that invites relaxation and interaction. Mirrors and coloured lights also create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that invites you to discover every corner of the space. The journey continues with a bar, an iconic space for the brand with neutral colours and materials that respect its brand identity. Opposite, one will see a first meeting area surrounded by a purple rain created by contrasts of metal blinds and glass bricks. On the way to the other main areas, visitors will also find a selection of gears with a sustainable focus available for purchase at the Lynk & Co Club. However, what truly catches the eye is a large pink cube with decomposed shapes that houses one of Madrid's first cultural references.

The bathroom design of the Lynk & Co Club Madrid is inspired by the Teatro de La Zarzuela, suddenly transporting guests to a world of glamour and sophistication, with gold details and dim lighting that create a theatrical atmosphere. Another reference to Madrid is seen in the fitting room, designed with a fluorescent curtain that is lowered by pulling a rope, inspired by the skirts of Las Meninas (1656). Right behind it, the Lynk & Co 01 is presented in an environment that aims to represent the futuristic and technological concept of the vehicle. Descending the stairs among the clouds, visitors will find the last two spaces of the new Lynk & Co Club Madrid. On one side, there is an area with tables and seats for meetings and events that evoke scenes from Asian movies, culminating in the pop art bathroom that adds another fun concept to the space.

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