Marcel Wanders studio experiments with conceptual design for Audi City Lab
Enlightening the future, interior design by Marcel Wanders studio for Audi (2021)
Photo Credit: Marcel Wanders studio

Marcel Wanders studio experiments with conceptual design for Audi City Lab

The studio collaborated with the leading car brand to create ‘Enlightening the future’ 

by Marcel Wanders studio
Published on : Dec 08, 2021

During Salone del Mobile 2021, Marcel Wanders studio in collaboration with Audi welcomed the world to experience ‘Enlightening the future’ – the conceptual interior design exhibit for Audi City Lab. United together to provide this distinctive experience, the two brands aligned to create an immersive, sensory experience, based on light as a form of connection and spectacular wonder. Always in motion, the experience was designed to move the human spirit through highly crafted sensuality. Fluid and seamless technology defines the figure of speed and tactility as illumination and enlightenment is felt through the continuation of the space.

Along the iconic via della Spiga in Milan, visitors were greeted with a façade branded with the illuminated Audi logo and featuring repeating dynamic textile panels and columns. The columns, purposefully positioned were designed with animating blades of light that lead people toward the entrance. “Nothing has meaning but the meaning we give it. Audi City Lab gives new meaning to the infinite possibilities of light,” says Marcel Wanders.

The experiential exhibition featured mesmerising light projections. Audi’s use of light is scaled up to allow for human perception through light. Visitors become one with the exhibit as they gently interact with the soft walls, activating light through gentle human touch. Eventually, the corridor leads to the heart of the exhibition: the revelation of the new Audi models, revealed within a dynamic explosion of specular reflections and light refractions. “Light, technology and innovation are the foundations of our concept. A space of dynamic and surprising proportions creates an immersive experience that is intended for human involvement, enjoyment and senses’ fulfilment,” shares Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director at Marcel Wanders studio.

The luxury auto brand also revealed two new Audi cars: the RS e-tron GT and the A6 e-tron Concept. Pulsating beams of light and movement add another dimension to this installation. A contrast to the pulsating lighting show, the warmly lit intimate lounge offered guests respite on the popular Mad Queen and Mad Joker chairs, designed by Marcel Wanders studio for Poliform, featuring the textures, materials, and finishes of the Audi car seats. Also featured were the Soori Coffee Table by Soo Chan and the modular Westside Sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform. The Hubble Bubble lamps by Marcel Wanders studio for Moooi, were suspended horizontally, vertically, and from any angle in-between, forming airy light sculptures from the ceiling. The bespoke broadloom carpet, designed by Marcel Wanders studio for Moooi Carpets, added softness against the high-end technology and concrete.



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