Marcel Wanders studio designs new fireplace for Element4
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Marcel Wanders studio designs new fireplace for Element4

The four-sided gas fireplace can be operated by remote control, through an app on the phone or with a home automation system.

by STIRpad
Published on : Oct 22, 2021

Marcel Wanders studio collaborated with Element4 to design a four-sided gas fireplace that brings architectural wonder and warmth to any space. Designed with a metal frame, the top and bottom portions offer customisable surface space to seamlessly match the surrounding walls, allowing it to blend perfectly into any environment. “As an architectural design piece bridging floor to ceiling, the Element4 fireplace offers suspended beauty in any room,” says Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director at Marcel Wanders studio.

The central section of the gas fireplace is framed in glass that is V-cut to form a diamond pattern that reminds of a whisky tumbler, refracting the flames dancing within and elevating their effect. The heart of the fireplace features a bouquet of dark flowers that form the coals at its base. Once ignited, the fire meanders its way through the openings among the petals, presenting its eternally magical and scintillating display. Marcel Wanders explains: “Fire has always captivated mankind. This fireplace uplifts the human spirit while also bringing comfort and warmth to all who sit beside it.”

According to Jan Kempers, director at Element4, this four-sided gas fireplace is an absolute asset to their collection. “We’re very proud that Marcel Wanders studio chose to collaborate with Element4. I’ve loved their designs for a long time and we both share the ongoing drive of product innovation along with a high degree of design. They, like us, use design and beauty as their measurement for all the decisions they make. This fireplace is a striking example. It’s the first fireplace in the world that is actually a design piece of its own.”

The fire garden consists of more than 120 different shaped tulips and roses. Therefore, Element4 not only put a lot of effort into the development of each individual flower, but it also created a unique dome-shaped burner to make the flowers actually ‘glow’. The fireplace can be operated by remote control, through an app on the phone or with a home automation system. The fireplace is expected to be available from October 2021.

About Element4

Element4 is one of the leading manufacturers of gas fireplaces in Europe and North America. We believe in thinking outside the box and have a strong focus on design. Our ambition is clear: we like to make the impossible possible. This is reflected in our wide range of innovative fireplaces that stand out because of their stunning design and beautiful flames. It is precisely this combination why the brand is loved by design lovers and architects all over the world.



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