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‘Les Mondes de Diptyque’: Cristina Celestino’s delicate olfactory offering
Les Mondes de Diptyque created by Cristina Celestino in collaboration with Diptyque
Image: Cristina Celestino

‘Les Mondes de Diptyque’: Cristina Celestino’s delicate olfactory offering

The Italian designer showcases her latest scented candle collection created in collaboration with the luxury French fragrance brand Diptyque, during Paris Design Week 2023. 

by Cristina Celestino
Published on : Sep 11, 2023

In 1963, Diptyque, a Paris-based fragrance brand, introduced emotion and delicacy into interiors, creating the scented candle and its herbarium of novel scents. Now, sixty years later, in collaboration with Diptyque, Italian designer Cristina Celestino presents her debut scented candle collection titled Les Mondes de Diptyque. Conceived to add beauty to the everyday while withstanding the passage of time, the candle collection is set to become an enduring object of luxury. Les Mondes de Diptyque will be available at the Diptyque store during Paris Design Week 2023. 

"Regarding Diptyque, suggestions are primarily given by the strength and uniqueness of the fragrances, and then, by the consistency of the image that the brand depicts. I imagine essences, perfumes and candles, as a means through which one could possibly own real olfactory landscapes in your own home. The idea of an emotional journey is the base of essences—and the containers of essences or candles convey these messages," shares the product designer.

Available at the design festival taking place from September 7 - 16, 2023, the first refillable candle collection by the luxury French fragrance brand comes in five distinct fragrances: Temple des Mousses (Moss Temple), Nymphées Merveilles (Nymphaeum of Wonders), La Vallée du Temps (Valley of Time), La Forêt Rêve (Forest Dreams) and Terres Blondes (Golden Lands). Each fragrance is thoughtfully crafted to transport the user to scented tales spilling secrets of miraculous places, nature and culture, and working as one to captivate the senses.

Les Mondes de Diptyque displays a product design that combines aesthetic appeal, technical excellence, and environmental responsibility. The scents, imagined by French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, have the ability to transport senses, offering endless opportunities to enjoy a moment of suspension. The packaging of the candle is a totemic volume created by the overlap of three rings with an oval shape. The oval, a symbol of Diptyque, represents the number of founders of the Maison. This precious and artisanal object, manufactured using pressed glass technology, transforms into a ceremonial item that is ignited to establish an aromatic sanctuary lingering within homes.

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