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Karim Rashid x Essential Home x DelightFULL launch Kasual Collection
Karlotta Sofa, Single Sofa and Stool
Image: Courtesy of Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid x Essential Home x DelightFULL launch Kasual Collection

Known for his opulent creations, Karim designs an armchair and matching pouf, lighting and contemporary sofa variants.

by Karim Rashid
Published on : Mar 28, 2022

In the digital age, we often find ourselves blurring the lines between social and individual conduct. Since the onset of the pandemic, the concept of ‘home’ has metamorphosed into multi roles of home-office, school, restaurant, movie theatre, all of this while fulfilling its customary function of a ‘sanctuary’. In order to strike the perfect balance of comfort, simplicity, stunning beauty, and form, designer Karim Rashid created the ‘Kasual collection’. “I would refer to the Kasual collection as casual luxury with fabrics and details that are rich, yet with a minimal simple softness and ease where new comforts prevail. Our home furnishings must take on greater importance to support our life with comfort, ergonomics, and contemporary inspiration!” says Karim Rashid. The collection features a host of unique furniture and accessories from modular sofas in a Memphis style arrangement to sculptural lighting and mushroom-shaped table lamps.

Presenting a meticulous selection of calming pastel and vibrant hues that balance together perfectly, as well as the distinguishing Mid-century materials that come together with a modern twist, this collection unlocks the precision of form and refined detail to a new level. Considering the day and age we live in, the pieces fit like a glove independent of the setting. The Kasual collection, while also maintaining its informal form, is enveloped in luxurious materials; summarising the collection into a selection of aesthetically designed furniture and lighting pieces that goes beyond time.

Sculpted in a detailed fashion with stringent attention to detail and an exuberant design language, Karim brings Kasual to life with emotion, creating home furnishings that are functional yet appealing. Bringing Karim's vision to life, the collection brims with creativity, enticing the eye with new possibilities and forms. Soft and sinuous, each piece evokes a sensual essence, combining contemporary and Mid-century together in a revolutionary way. 

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