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Karim Rashid designs Cisal booth with colossal taps for Salone 2022
The spaces of the booth are dotted with enormous faucets
Image: Courtesy of Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid designs Cisal booth with colossal taps for Salone 2022

The American designer has imprinted his style on the Cisal booth that will make its appearance at the Salone del Mobile.Milano in June 2022.

by Karim Rashid
Published on : Apr 06, 2022

Karim Rashid’s latest booth design for bathroom and kitchen brand Cisal features the American designer’s dynamic style in all of its glory. Designed ahead of the much anticipated Salone del Mobile.Milano, the 100 metre square booth will house the offerings of the Italian brand at the Milanese fair in June 2022. Apart from the potpourri of colours dotting the space, the larger-than-life faucets featuring as standalone decorative items add eccentricity to the space. The booth will not only serve as a display for Cisal products but also embody a unique identity owing to the usage of pop colours and enormous faucets masquerading as towering statement pieces.

The Cisal booth is a play on the Pop art movement where the likes of Claes Oldenburg and other artists would develop everyday objects in exaggerated sizes. Borrowing this concept, Rashid chose a few of Cisal’s faucets from the previous year and enlarged them to make them appear like huge light standards. These enormous faucets, when placed next to each other, appear like a forest of faucets with meandering paths in between. One can navigate through them while also looking at normal sized faucets and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

The addition to some of Rashid’s previous creations like the Voxel Chair which is part of the showcase further lends it a signature Karim Rashid appeal. Despite staying true to its original design and colours, the faucets that dot the spaces of the booth fit in perfectly with the pop pink and black colourisation of the rest of the space.

 Founded in 1952 by Liborio Soldi, Cisal is a kitchen and bathroom brand located in Northwest Italy, about 80 kms from Milan. The brand represents an important chapter in the history of Italian brassware. Not only is it located on the banks of Lake Orta, which is considered as one of the most important brassware manufacturing districts in the country, but the company has also regularly employed expert craftsmanship and creativity that is unique to the district. Their showcase at the Salone fair in June this year promises the showcase of top quality products in the spaces designed by Rashid.

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