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Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council showcases at Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai

Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council showcases at Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai

Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council creates a valued women-artisan economy in which re-contextualised traditional crafts exist.

by Nada Debs
Published on : Nov 03, 2021

By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi And Nada Debs introduce the 'Zenobie Collection' an intricately crafted interpretation of the vessels traditionally carried by Bedouin women. This collection initiates a dialogue between two crafts from different worlds and interlaces them to generate an entirely new identity. The crafts, although similar in appearance, involve very different processes and materials.

One practised predominately by men is produced using wooden cross-sections that are assembled together and then shaved using machine tools, while the other is hand-woven by women using wool threads. Through their application, an exchange happens as the talli becomes solid while lending its supple characteristics to the marquetry. The forms, typically used for copper pots, are translated in solid oak and woven with narratives uniting the journeys and expertise of craftsmen and craftswomen from different parts of the region. The result is a contemporary collection of three multifunctional bowls.

Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council seeks to create a valued women-artisan economy by creating a sustainable market in which re-contextualised traditional crafts and crafted products exist. Engaging with women artisans across the UAE, wider Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia regions, Irthi empowers them economically and socially through vocational training and upskilling programmes, ensuring the preservation of Indigenous craft heritage.

At Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, Irthi will showcase the Irthi Series, a collection that makes everyday luxury a possibility through the creation of uniquely designed yet functional objects for the home. Released through a series of ‘drops’٬ the collection allows personal space to become a canvas for traditionally crafted products that add beauty and joy to your living space.

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