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Draga & Aurel's 'Night Fever' is a tribute to historic design periods
Night Fever Collection by Draga & Aurel
Image: Draga & Aurel

Draga & Aurel's 'Night Fever' is a tribute to historic design periods

The duo's latest collection in collaboration with Portuguese brands Essential Home and DelightFULL is a vibrant mix of interior furnishings.

by Draga & Aurel
Published on : May 18, 2022

Draga & Aurel aims to revisit different design eras, alongside fashion, art and filmography. Their latest collaboration with Portuguese brands Essential Home and DelightFULL over the 'Night Fever' collection, pays homage to the design era of the 1970s and 1980s - a time which flourished with dynamic and Avant-garde designers from across the globe. With the vibrant Night Fever collection, the duo have created a mix of patterns, materials, colours, shapes, and textures that express the desire to break free from the superstructures and process the sentiments of a past time for reinstalling beauty in design. In particular, the collection pays homage to the nightclubs of those years, which became a symbol of free expression, creativity, hedonism, rebellion, and emancipation from the mainstream culture. It was an encounter between different minds and souls under the glittering lights of the dance floor.

First in the collection is the Xenon armchair and modular sofa. Appertaining to the Greek word, it is inspired by a nightclub in Times Square, New York popular from the late 70s among the New York city's 'fashion crowd' and celebrities such as Andy WarholMick JaggerFreddie Mercury, and Elton John. It was a combination of style with creativity, similar to the Xenon low modular sofa and armchair, pouffe, amongst other furnishings that allow different compositions to be created for a very relaxing living area.

Further on, the Elo Armchair and modular sofa portray pure rhythm. It was conceived while listening and dancing to the sounds of the Electric Light Orchestra— the infamous British band of the 70s that played an explosive mix of glam, hard-rock and orchestral melodies. This modular sofa and armchairs embody all the strength of that music and the hedonism from an era of newfound freedom. Third, is the Qube sofa which recalls the elements of the homonymous discotheque in Rome which was one of the 'cathedrals' of the Italian nightlife. It held an industrial yet minimalist style, revised with a futuristic and high-tech touch. This modular sofa is a subtle invitation to conviviality and acts as a defining space which invites people.

“Dress as though your life depends on it,” was the inspiration behind the dress code at Taboo, the night organized by performance artist and fashion designer Leigh Bowery at the Maxwell Club, London, in 1985. His transformative looks have remained in history like the extravaganza of that event, which redefined what nightlife looked like. Drawing inspiration from it, the Taboo tables add significance and a prominent role as the protagonists of the room. Alongside these furniture pieces for the night fever collection, the trio is also coming up with the Caprice modular tables celebrating the 'joie de vivre' in life, the Roxy chairs inspired by the band of the same name, the Maxime table paying homage to Maxime Gaillard's bistro in Paris, the Nepentha and Piper armchairs owing their context to the Italian nightlife, Mirage lamps creating a compositional silhouette of retro-futuristic fashion and the yoyo lamps as a conception of refined luxurious lives.

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