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BUDDE reimagines aesthetics via a range of furniture and interior products
Veil table is made of anodised aluminium – a design to unveil the versatility of the material aluminium
Image: Courtesy of BUDDE

BUDDE reimagines aesthetics via a range of furniture and interior products

Design studio BUDDE brings forth a collaborative collection of design products, encapsulated with purposeful details and intuitive functionality, at Milan Design Week 2024.

by Johannes Budde
Published on : Apr 18, 2024

BUDDE, the Cologne-based interior design studio led by architects Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuss, is all set to showcase its promising projects across four locations during Milan Design Week 2024. The design week will unveil a series of the studio’s collaborations with global brands such as mogg, Serafini and BWB, and galleries such as Rossana Orlandi Gallery. BUDDE will also present the stool design Rug ’N Roll in an exhibition at Alcova design district.

Veil Table - BUDDE x BWB

Veil stands as a testament to the creative collaboration between BUDDE and aluminium expert BWB, with a shared goal of showcasing the richness and diversity of aluminium through an extraordinary interior piece at Rossana Orlandi Gallery. This contemporary table design serves as a multifunctional dining or conference table. The most distinct feature of Veil is the tablecloth, a by-hand anodised aluminium sheet. The anodised painting is carefully applied by Budde using techniques specially developed by BWB. Like a work of art, the tablecloth lends vitality and playfulness to the minimalist furniture design. The surfaces of the remaining parts of the aluminium table have been anodised without colour. A diagonal frame underneath the table top covers all screw connections to achieve a seamless aesthetic. As all connections are mechanical, 100% of the aluminium can be recycled and brought back into circularity.

Piano washbasin - BUDDE for Serafini Gallery

BUDDE collaborates with Serafini, an internationally known marble production brand, to unveil the Piano washbasin at Corso di Porta Romana 7 Milan. Piano reimagines the conventional aesthetic and functionality of a wash basin and introduces a new design approach. The vertically arranged marble sheets appear to levitate in the air, concealing the way that the water enters the drainage system. Underneath the stone slabs, a wall-mounted, stainless steel basin elegantly captures and drains off the water. Piano transcends its functional purpose to become a captivating sculptural work of art. The product design elevates the user's washing ritual by bringing a sense of serenity and tranquillity to a daily routine.

Era table lamp - BUDDE for mogg

Era is a table luminaire that is designed to generate a creative interplay between humans and objects to experience light in a new way. As a human-centred design, the lighting design invites the user to playfully interact and switch between different light ambiences depending on utility and desire. The expressive heart of Era, a massive glass sphere, acts as a sophisticated spherical joint mechanism to enable a seamless 3D motion of the lampshade while also capturing the light beams coming out of the luminaire’s foot. The LED table lamp follows a timeless design approach, consisting of simple geometrical shapes.

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