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Bea Pernia's ‘Beat’ collection at Design Miami 2023 harmonises luxury and sustainability
Bea Pernia at Design Miami 2023
Image: Courtesy of BEA Interior Design

Bea Pernia's ‘Beat’ collection at Design Miami 2023 harmonises luxury and sustainability

The ‘Beat’ collection by Bea Pernia is A fusion of luxury, sustainability, and nature-inspired design, merging modern elegance with functionality and human connection.

by BEA Interior Design
Published on : Dec 07, 2023

For the 2023 edition of Design Miami, USA-based designer Bea Pernia of BEA Interior Design debuts the Beat collection, a sophisticated, stylish exhibition and lounge space that combines modern design elements with luxurious materials. Overall, the exhibition and collection embody contemporary design, luxury, and comfort, creating a captivating atmosphere for guests to relax and enjoy their time. Handmade, limited edition, one-of-a-kind works include a DJ booth, credenza, chair designs, pouffes, and sculptural lighting designs. All lighting and furniture design pieces are made of sustainably sourced Birdeye wood, marble, oak wood, fair trade faux fur, pineapple and mushroom leather, and metal.

“Nature serves as my primary source of inspiration. For this special collection, my aim was to blend the concept of nature with human connections. I found great inspiration in exploring how human interaction can be integrated with the natural world, as it holds the purpose of our existence on Earth. Combining this concept with the idea of infusing healing energy into the space, I drew inspiration from biomorphic shapes, natural patterns, rhythmic elements, sounds, and vibrations,” shares Bea Pernia.

Cocoon Lounge Chair

A lounge chair that seamlessly merges luxury with comfort, standing on solid marble legs that exude timeless sophistication. The chair's design is a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and comfort featuring a seat that cradles the body, provoking a sense of welcome and cosiness. The chair itself features faux, fair trade fur upholstery, providing a soft and inviting touch that complements the cool, sleek surface of the marble legs.

The Fam Pouf

Stylish pouffes effortlessly combine to form a versatile coffee table, showcasing modern design with intriguing upholstery. The curated colour palette complements various interior styles, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and comfort. Varied in sizes and shapes, the pouffes fit together seamlessly, creating a cohesive and adaptable coffee table. Whether in vibrant hues or neutral tones, the upholstery adds personality to your space. With the flexibility to rearrange for different seating configurations, this modular furniture is a practical yet creative centrepiece for your living room.

“The chair showcases texture and marble legs, while the ottomans are crafted using sustainable fabrics. Overall, my collection represents my interpretation of the interaction between humans and nature, approached with sustainability and a futuristic mindset. Additionally, I prioritize functionality in all the pieces, ensuring that they serve a practical purpose. Each item in the collection can be seen as a sustainable and functional sculpture, blending artistry with usability. The art of craftmanship is key in the development of all my collections.” the furniture designer elaborates.

 The Beat DJ Booth

Alluring DJ booth that combines luxury and practicality. Supported by meticulously chosen marble legs in Nero Marroquina, the floating foundation exudes timeless opulence. The modern design offers both stability and visual appeal, with a sleek surface of exquisite walnut wood adding a warm and inviting contrast to the cool marble below. Designed with functionality in mind, the table design provides ample space for DJ equipment. This masterfully crafted DJ booth, marrying sophisticated materials and practical design, commands attention in any setting. Explaining the thought behind the DJ booth Pernia relays, “Creating a DJ booth holds personal significance for me, as I have always found inspiration in music. I believe that music has the power to stimulate a creative mind, and the beat of the heart can interpret your emotions. Thus, I envisioned a piece that could integrate human interactions with music surrounded by natural materials such as wood and incredibly crafted marble.”

The Beat Credenza

The distinctive Beat Credenza Bar features a unique aesthetic with seamlessly integrated bubble-formed sections, creating a dynamic and visually engaging texture. The playful curves and irregular shapes add an artistic and contemporary touch, captivating the eye. Supported by a solid stone marble base, the modern credenza exudes timeless elegance and stability, serving as a luxurious foundation that elevates the overall aesthetic. More than a functional storage solution, this console is a sculptural statement piece that blends avant-garde design with the enduring beauty of solid stone marble, bringing artistry and sophistication to any space. “In designing the credenza, I carefully selected patterns representing movement, balance, and repetition, principles often observed in nature. For instance, the intricate patterns on a leaf, tracing its veins and roots, inspired me to incorporate similar patterns into my collection,” shares Pernia.

Mirage Corner Light

A sophisticated corner light fixture designed to elevate your space with a touch of modern elegance. Crafted from premium brushed brass material, this fixture seamlessly blends luxury with contemporary design. The sleek profile fits snugly into any corner, optimizing space and casting a warm, ambient glow that transforms the atmosphere. The magic lies in the cutting-edge LED technology discreetly embedded in the back of the fixture. Emitting a soft, diffused light, the LED lights create a captivating play of shadows, adding depth and dimension to any room.

Each piece, meticulously crafted with sustainably sourced materials, stands as a testament to Pernia's vision of harmonizing human connection with the natural world. The collection's embodiment of contemporary elegance, comfort, and practicality encapsulates an invitation to experience a space where artistry and functionality converge. 


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