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A look into Luca Nichetto's unique blend of chair designs that tell a story
A collection of new chair designs by Luca Nichetto
Image: Courtesy of Nichetto Studio

A look into Luca Nichetto's unique blend of chair designs that tell a story

Luca Nichetto launches four new seating collections that merge aesthetics, innovation and functionality in collaboration with renowned brands.

by Luca Nichetto
Published on : Jan 25, 2024

As the new year begins, Sweden-based designer Luca Nichetto has launched four collections of seating systems and chair designs in collaboration with various brands and designers. The collections showcase a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, where each piece tells a unique story of inspiration and craftsmanship.

Hai Collection

Designed for the furniture brand Hem, the Hai family is composed of a lounge chair and an ottoman that combine functional requirements with strong stylistic values. The lounge chair sits on a visually light metal structure but features gracefully curved padded backrests and armrests. The ottoman, also on metal legs, is elegantly minimal. Designed for the Hem brand of customisable furniture that is aimed at online retail, the backrest folds forward to make the armchair more compact for shipping. While being practical the furniture designer ensures Hai maintains comfort, style and a strong personality.

Next Stop 

Characterised by the repetition of grids and graphical elements, the Turati station in Milan stands as a bold example of the architecture of the Milanese subway. As its tribute, the Next Stop sofa system designed for the Spanish brand Sancal translates those key features into furniture design that highlights attention to detail and technical experimentation. The round parallelism of the volumetric cushions suggests a feeling of comfort. At the same time, the collaboration with textile designer Marie-Louise Rosholm introduces the innovation of a knitted textile as a joint between the parts. The sofa design has a hand-made pattern and a gradient effect, the knitting technique allows for avoiding any stitching in the upholstery, a tailoring solution that guarantees its production to be a zero-waste process. An elegant framework in metal and wood offers the furniture design the possibility to grow in size, adding to its standard and knitted version the options for armrests, side tables and complementary Ottoman.

Phoenix Collection

Designed for the Swedish brand Offecct with two years of research and refinement, the Phoenix chair is named after the immortal firebird of Greek myth. Its name conveys its sustainability: if a part is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new one, while the old part can be safely disposed of and recycled. Phoenix's product design turns structural simplicity into a striking aesthetic, with the back and seat’s bold curve providing comfort. With numerous colour variants, Phoenix is easily adaptable to different environments.

Canal Chair

Over Italy's long summer days, light shines through the canals turning on the multicolored bows of boats moored to the docks. Named after a key feature of the city, Canal maintains the tradition of preserving its Italian heritage in a contemporary product whose shape and colourful fabrics evoke the bows of typical Venetian boats. Designed for Moooi, both the monochrome multi-tone look and the playful colour-combined version of Canal can be tailored through bespoke embroideries, and a variety of legs making it suitable for furnishing both contract and residential interiors.

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