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Zucchetti and Kos define the 'Ways of Water' at Milan Design Week 2023
'Ways of Water' by Zucchetti and Kos at Milan Design Week 2023
Image: Courtesy of Zucchetti Group

Zucchetti and Kos define the 'Ways of Water' at Milan Design Week 2023

In a conceptual interpretation, the exhibition in Italy translates the path of water, celebrating its multiple nature and the poetics of dream and abandonment.

by Zucchetti Group
Published on : Apr 17, 2023

International leaders in the bathroom sector, Zucchetti and Kos, are presenting Ways of Water, a large installation in the heart of Brera, signed by the creative direction of Studio Lys, at Milan Design Week 2023. The exhibition, in a conceptual interpretation, translates the path of water, celebrating its multiple natures, the fluidity to get lost and the poetics of dream and abandonment. The installation translates the 'Water Values' of Zucchetti and 'Water Wonders' of Kos into a game of transparencies, lights, reflections, materials, depth and lightness, creating an enveloping experience that invites us to consider the preciousness of water and rediscover a conscious relationship with it. Zucchetti and Kos also present new projects signed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and David Lopez Quincoces, among others, as sculptural compositions across the itinerary.

Water, as a fluid natural element, follows and takes on infinite paths and shapes. For ninety years, Zucchetti has conveyed these movements with precision, seriousness and elegance, responding to the always-changing needs of contemporary living, treating the different uses of water with a balanced and defined approach; on the other hand, Kos looks at the cultural, ritual and dreamlike aspects pertaining to a holistic experience of well-being offered by water. Hosted in the spaces of via Palermo 8, in the heart of Brera, the new installation designed by the artistic direction of Studio Lys places water as the protagonist of a path with a rarefied atmosphere to deepen the reflection on the preciousness and nobility of this element. In an elegant and silent game of transparencies and overlappings, the group’s values and the dual soul are narrated.

The industrial and left visible structure of the location is combined with the naturalness of water, translated into new materials such as gauze suspended from the ceiling, recalling the ripples of a liquid surface and building architectural depth through a play of transparencies, stratifications and reflections. In the space, which develops from the street inwards, the curtains’ movement recreates a fluid path with an ethereal and timeless dimension. The drapes’ lightness contrasts the concrete with the use of materials such as terracotta, cement and stone, used in the environment as plinths on which products are displayed in sculptural compositions. Every element of the installation has been studied and organised so that they can be dismantled and reused in the future and in other functions, reflecting the conscious and sustainable approach typical of the company.

“Considering that the space is located in a central and busy area of Milan, we wanted to create a real installation: a gesture of strength, but quiet strength, in Zucchetti and Kos’ manner. The company has always worked on substantial products and activations, carrying out conscious actions that know how to combine industry with poetics, concreteness of the product with lightness of the senses. The idea of the installation was born to mirror the Zucchetti and Kos attitude,” declares Matteo Fiorini, founder of Studio Lys.

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