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Visionnaire presents 'Nomad', a new design concept, at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2024
Duncan kitchen by Alessandro La Spada in collaboration with Visionnaire
Image: Courtesy of Visionnaire

Visionnaire presents 'Nomad', a new design concept, at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2024

The Italian brand celebrated its 20th anniversary by showcasing a range of collaborative products for Milan Design Week 2024.

by Visionnaire
Published on : Apr 22, 2024

Nomad is the new design concept that Visionnaire presented at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024. To celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary, always dedicated to achieving the most exclusive sartorial lifestyle. Nomad is a mature and evolving idea that continues to celebrate the ‘exceptional’ dimension of living in an increasingly ascetic, enveloping and oriented environment to well-being through contact with everyday beauty. It is an experience of knowledge and exploration of the reality that surrounds us, of the nature of oneself.

The Italian brand designed an enveloping, organic architecture, where the geometry of edges gives way to soft volumes, corners transform into curves that embrace and soften everyday living, colour shades are subtle and relaxing, and lights are sparse, like in a desert landscape. The internal spaces flowed fluidly, without interruptions, offering visual glimpses from every perspective. Conceived with a dynamic nature, the environments were large, where emptiness was not the absence of things but time to stay. Even from the outside, it was possible to seek a view of these spaces through the openings of a wall with metal tesserae, reminiscent of the intricate Mediterranean ‘jalousies,’ fascinating decorative screens that promote the passage of light and allow the house to ‘breathe.’

The 20th anniversary is a time to reflect on the journey taken and formulate new intentions, values, and visions for the future via Nomad. The Nomad collection is the result of the encounter of different creative worlds that have collaborated with the brand over the years, such as Alessandro La Spada, Mauro Lipparini, m2atelier, and new visions of artists capable of interpreting Visionnaire’s art-design DNA, such as CaCO3, Michele Astolfi, Gupica, and Hagit Pincovici.

A sculptural wall, positioned at the entrance of the design exhibition path, displayed a fascinating blend of art and design. The patagonia vitreum, on one side, captivated the visitor with its natural beauty, and the other wall became the stage for an extraordinary mural, Shawl AlNada, created by Naqsh Collective in a first collaboration with Visionnaire. This imposing work, nearly four metres in length, is a carved wooden panel with engravings and three-dimensional symbols, enriched by the insertion of brass elements, providing exceptional visual depth and inviting the observer to explore every detail.

The furniture designs seemed to dance with the architecture. La Spada’s Babylon Circle sofa follows the organic lines of the walls and develops the seat in a soft curve. An evolution of the Babylon Rack, this sofa design combines geometric rigour—expressed in a back defined by full and empty volumes—with the softness of its curved and slender seat.

Mauro Lipparini’s Villa D’Este kitchen also displayed organic angles and celebrated the aggregative dimension of living, not only within one’s family group but towards the external world as a gesture of contamination and transformation, in the symbolic space par excellence of metamorphosis.

La Spada’s secret wall, Duncan, is a true architectural treasure. On one occasion, it reveals the presence of a kitchen inside, making this space unique yet functional. In a second nocturnal environment, the wall transforms, revealing - behind the sophisticated wooden surface - the new Eidos walk-in closet by Fabio Bonfà, created with a lightweight structure in metal and ribbed glass. The unexpected presence of this space behind the ‘secret wall’ added a touch of wonder and amazement to the journey.

The hybridisation of living functions emerges as a central theme in this exhibition itinerary: the bedroom, in particular, transforms into a dynamic space that welcomes new contexts dedicated to daily rituals of body care, massages, and fitness activities. Marco Piva creates a wellness unit that resembles an architectural composition of rounded volumes. Tharis, indeed, develops around a monolithic cylindrical marble sink, serving as the pivot for the entire linear and slender shelf, much like the large mirrors.

Studiopepe, designers of the L’impero dei sensi project, continue the development of the Blanches mirror line, characterised by the insertion of hand-engraved symbols on the surface and concealed by a curtain of thin strips of leather. The third and new mirror, Sun-Moon, explores the harmonious balance and cyclic alternation between the shining daytime star and the mysterious nighttime planet. The designers expand the capsule, creating the soft and sinuous Fedro chaise lounge, thus inviting relaxation reminiscent of the enveloping forms of ancient triclinia.

Like a decorative canvas, in the new Muse screen—created by Draga&Aurel—Aurel’s painting is composed and decomposed: the layering, dear to the artist in his creative process, is entrusted to a game of printed organza that in movement seems to reproduce the gesture of painting.

In the context of collectible design, the Nubia console emerges as the fruit of Hagit Pinconvic’s creative vision. Its monolithic structure evokes a contemporary totem, elevating itself to a true sculpture with the addition of a luminous body on the elegant patagonia marble top. Similarly, Matteo Cibic’s Siona bar cabinet enhances the singularity of curved forms and sinuous volumes through the skilful combination of materials such as brushed metal and lacquered wood.

The communication project by Visionnaire for Nomad explored the new visual language of AI. This project is a result of collaboration with the creative agency Golab, with whom the brand had already begun to explore the horizons of digital art through the NFT project Apollo Belvedere. The artist Fullscream, a storyteller and part of Golab’s pioneering AI Vision Lab, navigates the vast possibilities of digital art for Nomad with a keen eye on emotions and narrative.

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