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Paola Navone reinterprets Turri’s signature language in blue for ‘Azul’
The Azul Collection by Turri
Image: Courtesy of Turri

Paola Navone reinterprets Turri’s signature language in blue for ‘Azul’

Presented at the Salone Del Mobile 2022, the capsule collection by Paola Navone for Turri features furnishing solutions for the living and dining spaces.

by Turri
Published on : Aug 28, 2022

Yves Klein once stated, "Blue has no dimensions; it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not… All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract." By borrowing from the art of Yves KleinFrench artist who gained recognition for his participation in the Nouveau Realism movement of post-war EuropeTurri, the Luxury Italian brand introduces the Azul House. The collection is designed by Paola Navone’s Otto Studio a multidisciplinary design studio. The Azul Collection consists of furniture designed to suit comfort while celebrating the colour blue.

The new capsule collection was presented during the Milan Design Week 2022, at the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Milan and flanked Turri's 'Made in Italy' ethos at the design event, with the contemporary touch of the iconic designer with an unmistakable style.

Otto Studio’s manufacturing skills feature meticulous attention to detail, which, in certain aspects, approaches Italian high fashion, elevating the eclecticism of Paola Navone. She has reworked the tradition of the Turri brand by reconfiguring proportions and dimensions and experimenting with materials and finishes in furniture design. The intense and refined lapis lazuli blue that colours Otto design as the house of the iconic product designer, appears throughout the collection, which is of impeccable quality appertaining the special craftsmanship of Turri.

From here, a living area in which the sofa design is such that its traditional shape, appears as a handmade macro weave in blue velvet that evokes the workings of fashion. The visual impact is an orthogonal, orderly texture that transforms and reveals all its softness through the physical presence of those who use it. The perfection of the Azul sofa lies precisely in its imperfection, in its ability to accommodate and shape the atmosphere in which it is inserted.

An oversized pendant lamp illuminates the living area. The shape is reminiscent of classic lanterns but is deliberately, and ironically, enlarged in its proportions. Even the materials used are reinterpreted as a take on a more contemporary design, for instance, methacrylate is defined by a dark grey frame that highlights the line. The dining table from the Azul collection is born from the idea of an intertwining ribbon. It offers a light structure where the changing blue tubular metal draws a knot in the centre, opens in free movement, and supports the natural marble top from which the entire collection takes its name: Azul marble.

Around the table, welcoming and convivial, the armchairs with armrests are imagined in two versions: A more fanciful and expressive one, upholstered with a macro weave of padded velvet that adopts the same concept of the sofa, on a reduced scale. And the other is more sinuous, dressed in blue damask fabric, which shows particular attention to detail, especially in the blue fringe that highlights its profile and in the large padded buttons forming eyes on the back.

Completing Paola Navone’s design for Turri’s stand during the design festival are a few unexpected objects linked not only to the world of design but to that of art. Each element of the entire collection is dressed and draped in blue is an artistic rendition of modern style with comfort and opulence.

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