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MIPA Design's 'SEEDS' Collection is a homage to the Seminato tradition
MIPA's showcase at Milan Design Week 2024
Image: Courtesy of MIPA Design

MIPA Design's 'SEEDS' Collection is a homage to the Seminato tradition

At Milan Design Week 2024, MIPA presented the collection for Elle Decor Italia's Material Home exhibit and collaborated with Guan Lee for The Farm Shop by Grymsdyke Farm.

by Mipa Design
Published on : May 21, 2024

MIPA successfully participated in the Milan Design Week 2024, taking part in two important exhibitions held during Fuorisalone: Material Home, organised by Elle Decor Italia at Palazzo Bovara and The Farm Shop presented by Grymsdyke Farm at the Theatrohub of Milano.

As every year for Fuorisalone, Elle Decor Italia organises a multi-brand exhibition at Palazzo Bovara, presenting each year a new interpretation of the theme of the evolution of living spaces. For this year's design event, the chosen topic was that of material, giving life to the exhibition Material Home, which explores the perceptual qualities of materials.

Selected for this installation along with other renowned brands in the sector, MIPA contributed three product designs from their SEEDS collection: Tef, Wild Rose, and Almond. MIPA's flooring was used inside the main hall of Palazzo Bovara, in the Polvere room, a large tripartite living space characterised by the presence of three materials derived respectively from mixing, baking and recomposition of powders: cement, lime and terrazzo. The three settings that make up the Polvere room were characterised by different shades emphasised by the use of MIPA's graniglia, which in the first room provided light tones owing to the soft hues of Almond, in the second intermediate tones with Wild Rose and in the last room more intense tone thanks to Tef.

Within the context of the Milan Fuorisalone at the Theatro hub, The Farm Shop took place, the collaborative project presented by Grymsdyke Farm and Fels, the collective that brings together designers, architects and international studios who, for the exhibition, created a collection of tableware. In the design and production of the exhibited objects, each product designer explored tools, suggestions and potentials, giving life to objects that challenge the boundaries between functionality, art and design

For the occasion, MIPA's Terrazzo was chosen by architect and designer Guan Lee for the creation of coffee tables with a cubic, simple and linear but visually impactful shape. For the project, Lee collaborated with MIPA to create a custom decoration with an evocative mix of colours, giving rise to completely new patterns.

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