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Lema reimagines functionality and simplicity via 'The New Poetry'
Orion, Hasu and Ares from The New Poetry collection by Lema
Image: Courtesy of Lema

Lema reimagines functionality and simplicity via 'The New Poetry'

The Italian brand unveils its new range of furniture products that blends tradition and innovation to deliver novel home interiors.

by Lema
Published on : May 18, 2024

Lema, the Italy-based furniture design company has strived to deliver a wide range of product designs yielding a mix of aesthetics and traditionalism since its inception. Following its philosophy of ‘You think, we make,’ the Italian brand brings to life custom-made solutions for home interiors—a philosophy and approach evident in its new product collection, The New Poetry.

Le nuove poesie (The New Poetry) by Lema offers an innovative perspective into their domestic life, where aesthetics harmoniously blend with functionality, immersed in an atmosphere of comfort and beauty where every gesture becomes a unique emotional experience. The new collection offers a wide range of finishes, from bright and shiny tones to the depth of matte shades, to create spaces reflecting the personality and unique style of its clients. Each Lema design is carefully created to perfectly adapt to every lifestyle, embodying the essence of contemporaneity and elegance.


Soft, enveloping, three-dimensional volumes. Ludovica Palomba + Roberto Serafini designed Hasu, an armchair defined by compact dimensions and impeccable volumes. Hasu is a light, soft chair design, but at the same time, thanks to its wooden structure, it is stable and solid. The star-shaped base supports and lifts the seat defined by a more substantial padding compared to the backrest.


Omega is a lounge armchair created from a blend of history, materials and iconicity. Its elegant and contemporary design is inspired by the stylistic features of the 1950s: from this combination, a timeless proposal takes shape where vintage charm blends with a modern aesthetic. Characterised by a lightly padded printed shell covered in leather or synthetic leather, Omega combines the softness of the seating shape with the solidity of the metal structure.


Jiku is a table designed by Federica Biasi, a modern proposal that brings together oriental inspirations and Nordic aesthetic rigour. Available in various sizes, with rectangular or oval tops, it can be placed in various spaces, thanks to the versatility and variety of finishes of the surface and material combinations. Its legs are in thermo-treated oak, wide and slightly curved at the top, becoming a distinctive design element that gives the table design a strong personality.


Sophistication and craftsmanship come together to give life to a new sofa designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. Ares is a visually striking piece of furniture, ideal for those who desire refined and elegant pieces. Characterised by an unusual style, Ares is defined as a sofa beyond conventions, where the significant height of the backrest, which envelops the seat with its curvilinear shape and lowers to form the armrest, gives the sofa design a majestic appearance.


Roberto Lazzeroni designed Blanca, an armchair that combines comfort, delicacy and solidity into a single design solution. Upholstered in fabric or leather, Blanca stems from the idea of rethinking the traditional armchair in a contemporary key, reinterpreting it in aesthetics to ensure an airier view. Blanca’s sides, which become armrests, encircle the seat, which seems almost suspended, like an embrace to maintain a high level of comfort.


August, a dining table designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, is a reference to the ‘complex simplicity’ of trestle tables. Born as solid work tools around the mid-20th century, over time they found their space as design pieces in Lema’s homes. The top is available in different sizes and materials including marble and wood, made light thanks to the thin top. The support trestles, connected to each other in patinated bronze with a slightly curved wooden crosspiece, reflect the aesthetics that inspire the table.

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