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Laurameroni gives New York's Buddha Bar a stylish upgrade

Laurameroni gives New York's Buddha Bar a stylish upgrade

by Laurameroni Design Collection
Published on : Jan 21, 2022

Italian brand Laurameroni unveiled the opening of the Buddha Bar in New York City in 2019. Several products and finishes, selected by YOD Studio, decorated the spaces of the bar. The first Buddha-bar opened in Paris in 1996, the concept and idea of which was envisioned by Raymond Visan. The idea was to present the place not just as a leisure space, but also as a place that is built on a set of values that connect the eastern and western civilizations.

In New York City, the most vibrant city in the World, Buddha Bar sets a new high standard in terms of hospitality, decoration and materials. The space has been entirely designed by the multi-awarded studio YOD, founded by Volodymyr Nepyivoda and Dmytro Bonesko.

Laurameroni collaborated for over a year in the technical development of special and custom solutions for this refined decoration, which blends different materials and finishes. YOD studio has interpreted and used our well-known 'Stars', "Line' and "Maxima" collections to cover the most important areas of the entire lounge bar and restaurant. Precious materials such us Liquid Metals, Burnished Brass and Stone Oak Wood have been extensively used to create a sophisticated and emotionally rich environment.

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