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Nada Debs’s multi-faceted work spans scale and discipline - from product and furniture design to art, craft, fashion and interiors. Her design approach is ‘handmade and heartmade’. Raised in Japan and the United States, Debs unites the minimalism of Japanese design, the modernity of European aesthetic with the divine craftsmanship of Lebanon, distilling them into pieces of emotional resonance and beauty. “Lebanon is where multitudes have come and settled – bringing their culture, cuisine, art and architecture. The very fabric of the creative sector here reflects the heterogeneous nature and history of the country. This gives rise to a malleable identity of design, a medium to display the powerful spirit of Lebanon, that of survival, adaptation, dignity and resilience,” she says.

"Lebanese design has an ephemeral aesthetic and spiritual vibration - it speaks of the indomitable spirit of our people and culture. Our country has raised us to be stubbornly resilient - resilient in a way only Lebanese cities and their people can be. To be honest, the pandemic is the least of our worries. We have an ongoing economic and political crisis and this explosion has hammered us with despair yet again. The idea of going back to the basics, to embrace the homegrown, has become vital – we have no choice. We have to stay true to our roots, engage with local craftsmen, encourage Lebanese manufacturing and production that will contribute to the local economy,” shares Beirut-based designer Nada Debs.

After the destruction of the August 4, 2020 explosion, Studio Nada Debs chose not to renovate the space because they felt that they still need time to process the impact of what happened. Some of the pieces you see inside have been destroyed during the explosion, while others are objects that have been recreated out of the debris from the studio space upstairs. Studio Nada Debs has used their unique craft techniques as a way of connecting the broken pieces. They believe it is their way of #keepingittogether.

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