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Yves Béhar-led fuseproject designs bees-inspired portable power stations for Yoshino
Yoshino Portable Power Station designed by Yves Béhar
Image: Courtesy of fuseproject

Yves Béhar-led fuseproject designs bees-inspired portable power stations for Yoshino

The series of Yoshino's lightweight and ergonomically designed portable power solutions designed by fuseproject mimic the energy of bees, and sport matte green hexagonal forms.

by Zohra Khan
Published on : Nov 22, 2023

A series of highly portable battery stations that contradict the bulky forms and jarring aesthetics of traditional batteries have resulted from a collaboration between Yves Béhar-led industrial design and branding firm fuseproject, and American technology brand Yoshino. The latter, as per fuseproject, "pushes the boundaries of energy storage technology, offering consumers a safe and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, generators, and liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries."

“Yoshino entrusted the fuseproject team to completely recast what a battery power station design and brand could be. In developing the Yoshino offering, we focused on positioning Yoshino as a green energy company advancing the portable power category,” says Behar, a Swiss product designer and entrepreneur, whose company was involved in various capacities of the project including its industrial design, user interface, as well as its brand identity.

The battery system's hexagonal form cites inspiration from the form of bees and is evocative of their resilience and energy. The shape has been replicated across the product design's venting ports, strap attachments, base pads, and its UI design. A metal handle as a continuous band wraps around each battery unit and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Over the matte green and grey tones of the batteries, the ergonomic handle allows easy picking and mobility. “Many power stations and generators have a traditionally masculine and technical appearance. When Yoshino presented us with the advanced and compact battery technology, we made the decision to push the design towards a more lifestyle-oriented approach, addressing diverse and flexible needs,” says fuseproject’s vice president of design, Qin Li. The colour palette for Yoshino also distinguishes itself from the "bright, technical primary colour palettes of the battery and power tool category," adds the San Francisco-based innovation firm.

The products are designed for on-demand energy needs. From backyard movie nights, off-road camping, remote working and emergency preparedness, Yoshino Portable Power Station's reinforced casing offers easy-to-carry power solutions for modern users. According to fuseproject, the shatterproof and water-resistant form weighs 50 per cent less compared to other battery solutions available in the market, while its compact design boasts an elegant slotting of built-in features such as LED light, AC, DC, and USB outputs to power gadgets. Yoshino can keep devices charged on the go, and it can be recharged up to 80 per cent in an hour.

Yoshino has to its credit, the production of the world’s first line of premium portable power stations, solar generators, and solar panels. The California-based company harnesses the benefits of solid-state battery technology that lets one explore, connect, and stay powered up wherever one goes while anticipating the next evolution of portable power.

Previous works by fuseproject include a neural sleeve that augments human movement in real-time called Cionic Sleeve, a 3D printed homeware collection made from food waste titled Vine, sunglasses made of ocean plastic waste conceived in collaboration with Dutch non-profit organisation The Ocean Cleanup, and an emotionally intelligent robot sidekick for the elderly named ElliQ.

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