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Sé Chic showcases works by Nika Zupanc, Ini Archibong and Jaime Hayon at Milan
Installation view of Sé Chic at Milan
Image: Andrea Ferrari

Sé Chic showcases works by Nika Zupanc, Ini Archibong and Jaime Hayon at Milan

The exhibition, designed by Sé for Milan Design Week 2022, emulates the bygone days of 1970s disco life.

by Almas Sadique
Published on : Jun 12, 2022

Sé Chic by European design brand is currently on display at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan. This immersive exhibition, on display until 12 June 2022, evokes the halcyon days of disco within the framework of a range of objects. Sé Chic, the luxury brand's most ambitious installation to date, is designed to enhance the experience of Milan Design Week 2022. The installation is a dynamic mix of sound, illumination, movement and objects, all of which come together to mimic the underground discos of 1970 New York dedicated to pop culture partying. The exhibition can be viewed as a showcase split in two parts: the Sé Space and the Sé Collection. While the former includes space design dedicated to recreate the American nightlife of the 70s, the latter includes a range of bespoke products designed by several international creatives.

Nika Zupanc’s Grace sofa at Rossana Orlandi gallery Image: Andrea Ferrari

Some of the designers whose works are on display at the exhibition include Slovenia based product designer and interior designer, Nika Zupanc, Switzerland based Nigerian-American designer, Ini Archibong and Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. Zupanc’s Grace Armchair sits alongside a limited-edition engraved Gaea Pendant designed by Archibong and the Time Piece ceramic table by Jaime Hayon. The three pieces come together against the dramatically lit and roughly finished walls of the gallery to create a captivating experience.

Sé Chic on display Image: Andrea Ferrari

The Grace Armchair is a seating furniture inspired by the shape of seashells and other mysterious water bound creatures. Curvy, spacious and comfortable, the shape of each armchair is enhanced further by the ultra-soft blue-grey mohair velvet Dedar Vladimiro, which is used to upholster each piece.

Nika Zupanc’s Grace Sofa Image: Courtesy of Nika Zupanc

Archibong’s Gaea Pendant is a hand-crafted piece brought to life at the Venetian glass-making centre in Murano. Stationed against the utilitarian armchair and table designed by Zupanc and Hayon respectively, the decorative pendant appears like a dazzling object that fulfils the role of suffusing the space with an imaginative energy. “When you bring together design and craft of the highest order as we have, beauty happens. It is the dialogue between designers and craftspeople which we nurture and encourage at Sé; creating the union between the two creative fields is the secret behind making something exceptional. Sé has always worked this way and we’re very excited to unveil the first of this limited-edition series,” says Pavlo Schtakleff, founder of Sé about the Gaea Pendant.

Ini Archibong with the Gaea Pendant Image: Courtesy of Sé

The pendant was originally launched in 2019 as part of Collection IV, Below the Heavens. At the Milanese gallery, the pendant hangs at eye level. It appears like a thought bubble and casts an imaginative aura around it. Crafted in Murano, the highly detailed sculptural glass piece is one of the ten unique designs that make up this collection. It culminates the joint desire of Ini Archibong and Pavlo Schtakleff to pay homage to the rich glassmaking history of Murano and to introduce the new generation to this extraordinary practice. Archibong’s pendants are crafted from a rich garnet coloured glass and feature a bespoke ceramic beard cord. Although crafted using traditional techniques, it is characterised with a striking modernity which, upon illumination, exudes delicacy.

Forging Gaea Pendant at Murano Image: Courtesy of Sé

Adding to these pieces is the Time Piece ceramic table by Jaime Hayon. The sculptural side table is touched up in a new silver metallic finish which provides it with a refreshing retro-futuristic look. Against the dreamy setting of the exhibition, the table fits well.

The gallery space housing these pieces are designed with the aim of provoking transcendental experiences. Much like the discos of New York that were illuminated softly, featured fancy furniture and set the mood with exotic looking objects, the exhibition captures an invigorating theme and seductive aura and provokes a surge of sentiments from the visitors. In doing so, the gallery not only brings back the energy and spirit that these spaces emanated a few decades ago, but also reflect ideas of freedom. Seated in this space on the several furniture items artistically arranged, visitors have the chance to converse and lounge.

Gaea Pendant being made at Murano Image: Courtesy of Sé

Some other works that will also be displayed at the exhibition include disco balls and window panels by Studio MTX, kinetic mobile by Christel Sadde, a retro-inspired sun umbrella from Lobster’s Day, mirrored artwork by Kiko Lopez, New York skyline video art by Another View Project and myriad creative works by Corine van Voorbergen, Martin Berger, Claudia Frignani and Giovanni Corrado x Baroncelli Atelier.

Sé Chic will remain on display from 6 June to 12 June 2022 at RoCOLLECTIBLE 2022 | Designers & Crafters, Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Milan, Italy.

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