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Salone 2022 calls attention to innovation and artistry in chair designs
Chair designs at Salone del Mobile 2022
Image: Image courtesy of Poltrona Frau, Draga & Aurel, Sean McBride, Peter Fehrentz and Alexandre Labruyere

Salone 2022 calls attention to innovation and artistry in chair designs

Beckoning global audiences and design professionals alike, the eminent furniture festival spotlights an array of chairs that stand out.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : May 30, 2022

Chairs have been around since time immemorial. They are now the most common piece of furniture, ubiquitous in all modern settings. While bringing renewed focus to the themes of sustainability, ecological transition and the future of living, the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano will also showcase a comprehensive repository of chair designs epitomising innovation, creativity and excellent craftsmanship by renowned creators and brands such as Poltrona Frau, Visionnaire, Draga & Aurel, Laurameroni Design Collection, Jean-Marie Massaud and GamFratesi among others. STIR rounds up some of the most intriguing, ergonomic and aesthetic chair designs that we think are the best seats in the fair.

1. LV 102 by Laurameroni Design Collection

LV 102 by Laurameroni Design Collection Image: Courtesy of Laurameroni Design Collection

A chair with a modern spirit was created by Laurameroni Design Collection to seamlessly integrate into modern and elegant environments, LV 102, will take the stage at Salone 2022, Milan Rho Fair Hall 5 – Stand E04. The curved backrest floating in space embraces the seat with softness and comfort, creating a harmonious and enveloping line. The minimal design and the use of materials that embody finesse define the chair, elegant in its simplicity.

2. Aries by Draga & Aurel, Visionnaire

Aries by Draga & Aurel for Visionnaire Image: Courtesy of Visionnaire

Combining minimalism and geometric lines, Draga & Aurel bring to Salone del Mobile 2022 the Aries armchair for Italian brand Visionnaire. A revelation in modern aesthetics, the padded body is supported by a shiny metal frame that extends from the base to the backrest, defining the chair's unique style. Crafted as an homage to the Space Age experiments of Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin, the armchair is set to be on display at the brand’s Rho Fiera Hall 05 Booth L11 - M06.

3. PAR by Peter Fehrentz

PAR chair by Peter Fehrentz Image: Courtesy of Peter Fehrentz

PAR by German designer Peter Fehrentz will also make its debut at the design fair. A chair with simple lines that – upon closer inspection is a combination of a series of shapes: trapeze, square, rectangle and oval. An ideal work chair, PAR's backrest is almost levitated, giving it a sense of lightness. The backrest envelopes in its curvature and, combined with the large seat, provides an exemplary level of comfort.‎

4. Isi Monolithic Chair by Studiopepe

Temenos Collection by Studiopepe, Exclusively produced for Galerie Philia Image: Flavio Pescatori Courtesy of Studiopepe
Isi monolithic chair, Temenos Collection by Studiopepe, Exclusively produced for Galerie Philia Image: Courtesy of Visionnaire

For Fuorisalone 2022, Studiopepe will present elegant and intricate sculptural design pieces for Galerie Philia in limited editions as a part of the Temenos Collection. The beautifully crafted ensemble, to be unveiled at Baranzate Ateliers, Via Milano 251, 20021 Baranzate, Italy, includes a set of monolithic chairs, a console, a mirror and a lamp, extensions of Studiopepe’s ongoing anthropological research that delves into the semiotic characteristics of ‘the object’ and how primary function and purpose are eliminated or transformed by the symbolism man attaches to it; the morphing of a chair into a throne for instance. Isi, a pair of concrete monolithic chairs, showcases a modernist asymmetrical curved seat, creating an assemblage both striking and soothing. The stand-out piece is inspired by the architecture of Le Corbusier's Palace of Assembly in Chandigarh.

5. Alvea Armchair by Kickie Chudikova

Alvea armchair by Kickie Chudikova Image: Courtesy of Kickie Chudikova

The scales, legs and tentacles of creepy crawlies, are Kickie Chudikova’s inspiration for her vivid and intricately patterned furniture pieces that will adorn Alcova’s Casa delle Suore. ‘Insectum', that is set to be unveiled during Milan Design Week 2022, encompasses six objects that mirror the tentacles and wings of insects and bugs as well as the beehives and ecosystems of Arthropods, ethereal pieces evoking a newfound appreciation for a family of creatures otherwise abhorred. The Alvea armchair, derived from the Latin word ‘alvearium’ which means beehive, makes up for the overall form of the chair along with the utilisation of a vibrant yellow fabric for the seat and the arm ends conjures the image of a throne designed especially for the queen bee.

6. Pétiole Chair by Alexandre Labruyere

Pétiole chair by Alexandre Labruyere Image: Courtesy of Alexandre Labruyere

5Vie district will host the Pétiole collection by France based furniture designer Alexandre Labruyère. Inspired by the natural principle of the petiole, the stem that attaches the leaf to the branch, becoming one entity, the collection works with the technique of steam bending. Pushing the wood to the limits of its elasticity, the designer moulds lines that introduce lightness to the whole piece of furniture. The backrest - the leaf - is sculpted by hand, seamlessly merging into the legs.

7. The Archibald Limited Anniversary Edition by Poltrona Frau x Felipe Pantone

The reinvented Archibald armchair designed by Poltrona Frau x Felipe Pantone Image: Courtesy of Alexandre Labruyere
The metallic details of the chair gives it an iridescent finish Image: Courtesy of Alexandre Labruyere

Salone del Mobile 2022 will also see the partnership of iconic Italian design brand Poltrona Frau with a contemporary mark-making artist on an exclusive limited-edition collaboration. Argentine-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone has reinvented the Archibald armchair, one of the brand’s most exemplary models, in the style of his boundary-pushing art. Felipe Pantone, known for his frescoes, murals, paintings, and sculptures that blend an ‘analog past and a digitised future,’ is the rare artist that can bring together these two seemingly opposing forces, a sensibility that he has applied to the reimagined Archibald anniversary edition. Archibald's enigmatic form, first designed in 2009 by Jean-Marie Massaud, and Pantone’s hyper-modern artistic language, unify to create a radically new design object that marks a new chapter for the heritage brand.

8. Blues Chair by Giuseppe Viganò, Turri

Blues chair by Giuseppe Viganò for Turri Image: Courtesy of Turri
The backrest of the chair envelopes the seat Image: Courtesy of Turri

Turri’s identity is brought to life in the Blues chair to be showcased at Hall 01 – Stand A07-B06 during Milan Design Week 2022. Designed in collaboration with Giuseppe Viganò, the Blues chair emulates a real sculptural object. The backrest embraces and wraps the seat, while the legs rush towards that gesture, lending uniqueness and lightness to the whole. The chair, one of the cornerstones of the furniture world, is able to interpret the space by defining the style of a home.

9. The Nice Chair by GamFratesi for Poltrona Frau

Nice chair by GamFratesi for Poltrona Frau Image: Courtesy of Visionnaire

“From the balance of contrasts, a seat is born that is recognisable for its design and celebrates the beauty of form,” shares GamFratesi on the Denmark-based studio's description about the chair. The Nice Chair, part of a larger collection by Poltrona Frau, is a composition of refinement, comfort and hospitality partaking in Salone del Mobile 2022. The 2022 True Evolution Collection represents the brand’s journey through time and evolving manufacturing cultures, with sustainability at the forefront of development. Nice expresses a sense of intimate welcome that is accentuated by the softness and refinement of the upholstery.

10. Akademia Armrest by Kaksikko, Nikari

Akademia Armrest by Kaksikko, Nikari Image: Courtesy of Nikari
Akademia Armrest is made of sustainably grown ash or oak and moulded plywood Image: Courtesy of Nikari

Finland based wood design studio and furniture manufacturer Nikari collaborated with Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela, also known as duo Kaksikko, giving way to the Akademia Armrest chair. An amalgamation of a classic, straight frame with a delicately curved seat, backrest and armrests, the chair conforms to the brand’s ideology of carrying forward the traditions of finest Nordic craftsmanship. Visit Hall 13 C01:C05 at Salone del Mobile 2022 to view a fascinating blend of different cultures - Shaker style, Japanese design and Finnish craftsmanship heritage.

STIR takes you on a Milanese sojourn! Experience Salone del Mobile and all the design districts - 5vie, Brera, Fuorisalone, Isola, Zona Tortona, and Durini - with us. STIR’s coverage of Milan Design Week 2022, Meanwhile in Milan showcases the best exhibits, moods, studios, events, and folks to look out for. We are also excited to announce our very own STIR press booth at Salone del Mobile - Hall 5/7 S.14, Fiera Milano RHO.

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