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Minotti unveils new collection channelling Japanese and Scandinavian styles
Yoko Cord Outdoor by Inoda+Sveje
Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Minotti unveils new collection channelling Japanese and Scandinavian styles

The 2022 Indoor and Outdoor collection displayed at Salone 2022 include key pieces by GamFratesi, Rodolfo Dordoni, Nendo, Inoda+Sveje and Marcio Kogan of studio mk27.

by Almas Sadique
Published on : Jun 14, 2022

Italian brand Minotti, known for facilitating a classic-modern lifestyle in both the residential and hospitality sector through their contemporary range of furniture designs, unveiled their 2022 Collection at the recently concluded Salone del Mobile.Milano. Conceived as a collaborative project between the furniture brand and five international designers, the collections, spread across two categories, are an effective portrayal of the encounter between the brand’s manufacturing identity and the unique design identities of all associated designers, namely Rodolfo Dordoni, Nendo, GamFratesi, Inoda+Sveje and Marcio Kogan of studio mk27. “This project is not only about aesthetics, but it is really close to the concept of everyday life,” says Renato Minotti, successor of Alberto Minotti and one of the proprietors of the brand.

Rodolfo Dordoni’s Goodman collection Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Minotti, born in 1948 under the tutelage of Alberto Minotti was initially a small scale artisan workshop that quickly became industrialised in both character and size. Centred around the concept of ‘Made of Italy’, the brand effectively combines tradition and innovation to mould designs that excel in both character and precision. The brand, over the years, established permanent associations with several designers including the likes of Rodolfo Dordoni, Nendo and Marcio Kogan of studio mk27 in 2018, GamFratesi in 2019 and Inoda+Sveje in 2021. Their latest 2022 Indoor and Outdoor collections, co-ordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni and Minotti Studio, are conceived in association with these creatives that have long been associated with the brand.

The past few collections by the brand were themed on cultural associations of particular designers, for example, Italy and France for Rodolfo Dordoni and Christophe Delcourt, Japan for Nendo, Brazil for Mario Kogan of studio mk27 and Denmark for GamFratesi. Trailing the themes and inspirations sought for designs produced in past years, the 2022 collection is an exploration into two distantly located worlds: Japan and Denmark, homelands of the designer duo Inoda+Sveje. Although stylistically different, these two points of references converge with the brand’s inexhaustible pursuit for perfect workmanship and beauty. Additionally, the designs in this collection also combine the extraordinary simplicity and beauty of the Orient and Scandinavia.

Lelong Tables by Rodolfo Dordoni Image: Courtesy of Minotti

“There are no straight lines, no perfect rounds, everything is organic. Even though our cultures are so far apart, we are from the two poles in the world where you have minimalism as a very strong ingredient in design language,” says Nils Sveje, co-founder of Inoda+Sveje about the dual theme of Nordic and Japanese employed in the latest collection.

This new collection takes cues from different design cultures, employs the most refined techniques and methods of cabinet-making, tailoring and upholstering, and utilises innovative colour palettes inspired from nature. The fabrics, rugs, furnishings, and padded and structural elements of Minotti’s 2022 collections are contemporaneous in style but carry elements and features from the 1970s. With a culmination of styles that are both old and new, Japanese and Nordic, the pieces that make up this collection are diverse and appeal to people belonging to different cultures. While the Indoor collection is an extension of the brand’s already large retinue of products produced over the years, the 2022 Outdoor Collection is a step further in the evolutionary declamation of the company. It transfers these strong themes and aesthetics associated with the brand to the outdoors. Designed to be placed in both large gardens and small terraces, as well as in between open spaces of a household, each piece in the outdoor collection aims to mimic the warm tones of the earth and induce a sense of liveliness and conviviality.

The 2022 Indoor Collection comprises Goodman and Twiggy by Rodolfo Dordoni, Horizonte by Marcio Kogan of studio mk27 and Yoko, Lars and Sendai by Inoda+Sveje. The Outdoor Collection, on the other hand, comprises GamFratesi’s Patio Teak and Lido Cord Outdoor, Inoda+Sveje’s Yoko Cord Outdoor, Rodolfo Dordoni’s Belt Cord Outdoor, Stony and Cesar Outdoor, and Gordon Guillaumier’s Bellagio Outdoor.

Rodolfo Dordoni’s Twiggy Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Dordoni’s Goodman modular seating system and Twiggy seats are designed as full, rich pieces. They bear an imprint of the 70s and are folded against each other, such that they cast shadows and create the sensation of quilted cross-padding. Since Goodman is a modular seating system, it can be assembled according to individual choices to create unique seating arrangements. “Perhaps Goodman in the family of Minotti products presented so far is that rebel, the freest product, the most contemporary,” explains Dordoni about his inspiration behind the seating system.

James Table by Rodolfo Dordoni Image: Courtesy of Minotti
Doyle Table by Rodolfo Dordoni Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Twiggy, designed in three versions, Small, Large and Deep, can be used with or without armrests, as benches, couches and chaise lounges. Embellished with stitching that spreads through the surface in square patches, the seats are geometric in shape and are supported by semi-glossy polished aluminium or aluminium varnished in black coffee colour. Some other pieces also designed by Dordoni for Minotti’s 2022 collection include the Solid Steel coffee table, the Louver tables series, Lelong tables, Gladstone tables, Doyle table, and James coffee tables. The Solid Steel coffee tables are reminiscent of the 1970s with their glossy and mirrored finish and rectangular and staggered overlapping, designed in different material and colour variations. Louver, on the other hand, utilities lacquer to create light and refined pieces of tables in several sizes and colour palettes. Lelong is a drastically different piece of furniture, light, slight and largely void, it is made up of tubular legs and lacquered wood or marble tops. Gladstone and Doyle are sturdy solid tables that occupy space and attract attention through their oval and circular tops and cylindrical supports that are wide and sit comfortably, occupying a large space. Lastly, James tables are monolithic pieces with mirror finishes or liquorice-lacquered ash finish. It is a statement piece that can also double as a stool, stand or a lone showpiece.

Louver table by Rodolfo Dordoni Image: Courtesy of Minotti
Gladstone table by Rodolfo Dordoni Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Rodolfo Dordoni’s Belt Cord Outdoor from the Outdoor Collection, similar to his Indoor Collection pieces, exhibits a charming and easy presence. Each collection comprises several pieces of variable sizes and shapes, all of them carrying defining and definite elements. Stony and Cesar Outdoor, like James tables, are monolithic pieces. Stony is shaped like a pebble and is covered with a layer of resin, and Cesar Outdoor are sculpture-like pieces that can double up as tables, stools or stands.

Horizonte modular seating by Marcio Kogan of studio mk27 Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Consistent with Kogan’s style, the Horizonte modular seating system is characterised by rectilinear or square lines, and a balanced and rigorous shape raised seven centimetres off the ground, giving thus an illusion of suspension. Bordered by straight and solid thin lines and covered in leather, fabric, or both, these seating pieces emanate a strong aura, while also beckoning people to engage with the softly upholstered pieces of furniture. The coffee table and side table that form part of this collection employ the common rectilinearity in the same manner. Some other pieces by the designer also included as part of the 2022 collection are Daiki armchairs and ottomans, and Linha Fina tables.

Sendai by Inoda+Sveje Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Inoda+Sveje’s additions to the Indoor and Outdoor Collections, namely Yoko, Sendai, Lars, and Yoko Cord Outdoor employ the traditional aesthetics and wood-sanding techniques typical of the designer duo’s respective countries of origin and create them using Minotti’s manufacturing expertise. All three pieces in the indoor collection stylistically appear to belong to the same family. While Yoko comprises an armchair, dining armchair and an ottoman bench, Lars is an asymmetrical sofa and Sendai comprises a small sofa, armchair, dining armchair and small lounge armchair. These seating furniture items are compact and powerful pieces that emit the simplicity associated with Scandinavian design. The three pieces carry Japanese and Danish names: Yoko, in Japanese means crystal, sparkle or child, all hinting towards lightness, both in mood and in weight, Sendai is a Japanese city, known especially for its lined trees and Lars is a Danish name commonly used for men. While Yoko and Sendai feature Scandinavian characteristics, Lars is a Japanese inspired design. They allude to their names well. “Yoko is a chair that lets you understand the whole process of manufacturing as soon as you sit on it,” says Nils Sveje, one half of Inoda+Sveje.

Lars by Inoda+Sveje Image: Courtesy of Minotti
Yoko by Inoda+Sveje for Minotti Image: Courtesy of Minotti

Yoko combines references from both cultures to create pieces that carry delicate and sinuous lines and are made using the precious cabinet-making interlocking technique. Similar to Yoko, the Yoko Cord Outdoor seats are delicate and light. Its seats and backrests are strung with Ecru or Dark Brown polyester cords, which house soft cushions. Sendai pieces are cosily upholstered seatings that sit upon slender and elegant trunk-like legs sculpted out of Canaletto walnut solid wood. Since they are available in such a wide range, this collection can be used to inhabit almost all spaces in an indoor setting. The similarly designed Lars sofa also rests on slender legs and comprises comfortable upholstered seats meant to be placed in classy settings. A wooden back support is an additional layer that adds to the design of the piece.

Lido by GamFratesi Image: Courtesy of Minotti

The Patio Teak outdoor seating system by Italian-Danish designers GamFratesi juxtaposes heavy-duty features against light and delicate elements, such that the piece appears decisive and strong, yet light enough to be suspended mid-way. A balance is also created by juxtaposing contrasting materials like natural teak and aluminium. “We always liked the possibility of having wood in this collection owing to our origins and this material is very dear to us,” says Enrico Fratesi about the usage of natural teak in their Minotti furniture. The Lido Cord Outdoor, characterised by a silhouette similar to Patio Teak outdoor seating system, has two pieces: a linear two-seater sofa and a bench. An Indoor furniture piece by the design studio also included in the 2022 collection is the Lido two-seater sofas, reminiscent of Brutalist architecture. Together, these wide array of products offer something for every space both within and without enclosed spaces. Featuring both light and sturdy pieces as well as heavy ones, a fine balance is reached by placing both kinds of furniture in any given space.

Minotti’s 2022 Indoor and Outdoor Collections were on display from 7 June to 12 June 2022 at Hall 7, Stand E15 - E27 - F18 - F20 - F29 - G22 during Salone del Mobile.Milano.

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