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Kristina Dam’s Frame collection ties sculptural art with nordic minimalism
The Second Volume of the Frame Collection by Kristina Dam
Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam’s Frame collection ties sculptural art with nordic minimalism

The second volume of the frame collection combines artisanal craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Jul 18, 2022

Ever since the inception of her studio in 2012, Kristina Dam has always focused on carefully outlining the evocative details in every piece that she creates. For her, every element of design is equal parts sculptural, artistic and functional. Arches and architecture have been the essence of Dam’s practice and have been the creative stem for her monochromatic  collections for over a decade. In 2022, the Kristina Dam Studio shifts their focus to sculptural minimalism packed with artisanal craftsmanship and high-quality materials, to present a collection of products best suited to any contemporary setting. As part of the SS22 collection, the second volume of the ‘Frame Collection’ platforms the first 10 years of the studio’s interior ingenuity and designs that are clean, honest and modern.

Artistic sculptures from the Frame Collection Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio

While Kristina Dam's studio began with a limited edition of illustrations, she has since expanded into the world of sculptural and functional objects. With the approach of combining industrial design with art, her studio made the products accessible to all. Her creative cave constantly innovates to launch new classics crafted with high-functioning exclusive materials, and have further branched into furniture as well as textiles. Following her first volume of the Frame collection that was launched earlier this year, Kristina Dam continues her legacy of reflecting art in her innovations with the second volume of the Frame collection.

The Collector's dining table and the Serif sculpture by Kristina Dam Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio
Different elements placed in a perfect collective by Kristina Dam Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio

Volume 2 consists of the Bauhaus-inspired grid series, the collector dining table and chair, the outline desk, stitched leather boxes, serif sculptures, rope vases, oru loom rugs, arch textiles and an oiled smoked oak tray. The collection is not just a collection of products that have their own subtle personalities, but is rather an artwork for one's living space as a whole.

The Bauhaus series has been named after the German art school and channels the personality of this historic institution as a constant source of creative inspiration. It features products with straight lines, simple surfaces, sinuous curves matched with clarity in design and a nordic ease.

The series includes a dining table, chairs, a lounge bench and a lounge chair. While the collection eases into an abode as art, the Collector Collection and the Modernist series leave a mark as structural assets in any space. The collector dining tables and chairs are aesthetic, structurally clean and functionally sound, the sofas of the Modernist series redefine elegance and comfort to any space. The uniqueness of the modernist sofas is powered by the most recent addition to the collection in the form of the Danish Savak fabric that drapes each piece beautifully.

The Outline desk and the Edo side table Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio

Further, the Minimal series of the second volume draws inspiration from the Japanese principles of simplicity and organic outlook. It consists of a daybed, a bench and multiple tray tables all of which are finished to perfection. The interplay of wooden frames and qualitative craftsmanship adds a sense of exquisite ease to the indispensable pieces.

The Japanese oak tray Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio

For Kristina Dam, every object holds the scope of design and innovation innovation. Though she believes in practising sculptural minimalism in design, her product range is expansive and touches every part of a contemporary household. She not only brings furniture pieces to the table, but also features trays, jewellery boxes, beauty products, bath and body products alongside many other utilitarian objects.

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