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Infinite loops and lines shape contours of Another Human’s Doodle Collection
The Doodle Collection from Another Human
Image: Courtesy of Another Human

Infinite loops and lines shape contours of Another Human’s Doodle Collection

Leah Ring's latest furniture design, titled, ‘Doodle Collection,’ from Another Human embraces asymmetry and chaos through a series of intricate linework in steel.

by Sunena V Maju
Published on : Mar 16, 2023

The first time 3D was introduced to the world, everything seemed way more interesting than it used to be. The stationary images with holographic textures that brought animated characters to life and the once-in-a-blue-moon 3D movies were simple reasons for an adrenaline rush. However, 3D no longer excites us, the way it used to, owing to the advent of 6D, 7D, VR, and mixed reality, all more technologically advanced pleasures. But in the last few years, we have witnessed a social trend, directed towards the resurgence of 2D and unrealistic cartoon animations. What millennials simply grew up with has manifested as nostalgia for the GenZ. Opening a new paradigm to view them differently, with attention and high popularity of 2D animations, manga-style drawings and doodles among the current generation, resulting in newer innovative ways to artistically express. As a result, 2D animation styles are gaining popularity in interior design and culinary arts, manga fashion is gaining more fans, and doodles are transcending 2D canvases into being the inspiration for product design . Following this pattern, multidisciplinary designer Leah Ring came up with her latest furniture design, the Doodle Collection.

Embracing a sense of asymmetry and chaos, the collection, comprising two chairs and a table takes shape in a continuously organic looping gesture. While the name suggests a semblance to doodles, the furniture reminds one of the single-line drawings, almost like a blind contour drawing in space. Considering the structure of the chairs and table, it is no wonder that the pieces are one-of-a-kind. Made of nickel-plated steel that is hand bent and welded, the furniture's wild network of lines allows it to oscillate between a functional object and conceptual art.

While Ring’s studio Another Human has earlier worked on many interior designs and conceptually driven furniture, the Doodle Collection comes with a new perspective from the studio. Their earlier works were mostly colourful, playful and whimsical, whether it be the visually psychedelic lamps from the 2020 Magical Evolution collection or the organic shapes of the 2019 Pool Collection. Even in their interior design for the residence in Eagle Rock or office space for Day Job Office in California, Another Human exhibited a design language that was colourfully spirited. However, in the Doodle Collection, the Los Angeles-based studio explores a monochromatic and single-material approach. The singularity in the colour and materiality of nickel-plated steel is broken down by the complex linework. While no line, bend or knot replicates each other, the process of creating the furniture becomes an artistic process.

“Each project tells its own story: a meticulously edited narrative of how we inhabit and interact with space and everyday objects. Ring’s design process is rule-breaking and eclectic, resulting in considered, layered interiors that are equally polished and playful. That approach also ripples through Another Human’s eponymous furniture line. Known for unconventional materials and idiosyncratic silhouettes, each collection invites onlookers into a world of vibrant colour and fantasy that still retains functionality in form,” states the official release.

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