Brera to commemorate eco-futurism in design at Milan Design Week 2022
Brera Design District
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chiara Venegoni

Brera to commemorate eco-futurism in design at Milan Design Week 2022

With the theme ‘Designing the present, choosing the future’; Brera design district explores current design interventions as focused on a sustainable future.

by STIRpad
Published on : May 20, 2022

The interplay of the presence with the practices for the future creates a certain level of balance between man and nature. Focusing on the challenges and solutions for contemporaneity in the present, the Brera Design Week is set to begin in Milan, from 7th June 2022 to 12th June 2022. The design district, promotes the theme, “Between space and time” as proposed by Fuorisalone. by formulating it as their theme, “Designing the Present, Choosing the future”. The district will be festooned with presentations, installations and design displays by different designers from across the globe, who will piece together the interpretive picture of the present as the starting point for facing the challenges of the future. Brera streets will light up during the Milan Design Week and will prove to be a useful tool for coping with critical issues of the present times while giving ideas and creative ideations as valuables for individual lives. Brera’s commemoration of the design week will create a design narrative for overall wellness, and improvisations relevant to the quality of living, product innovations, research and development of fresh materials, digital development through online retail experiences as well as futuristic endeavours like NFTs, all contributing to the constantly developing digital world. All of these incorporations will be presented in an evolving market scenario that aims to be more focused on dealing with tomorrow's challenges as and when they come, with sustainable solutions.

Conceptualising design Image: Courtesy of Segni delle Carte

The historic district of Brera will host nearly 160 events by internationally renowned designers alongside exhibitions in temporary locations with the sponsored support of Porsche, Valcucine and Rado, while the communications will be taken care of by Studiolabo- an agency and creative design studio that specialises in digital marketing. Porsche, as the sponsor will be presenting an event, ‘The Art of Dreams’ curated with the works of the floral artist Ruby Barber, while Valcucine will project ‘Sustainability beyond Space and Time’ as a series of appointments to state the company’s commitment to sustainable production.

Brera Concept Space Image: Courtesy of Ferrero Legno

A few of the national and international brands that have aligned forces with the Brera District for the Milan Design Week include- A&B Living, BBB Italia, Cristina Celestino’s Florilegio, IRTHI, Officina Alviti, PopArtStudio, Piero Lissoni for Atlas Concorde, Paola Navone for 2.8 design for dogs, Michele de Lucchi, Fendi Casa, Loro Piana Interiors, Patricia Urquiola for Jannelli&Volpi, Luca Nichetto for Lodes, Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C|Dada and Sam Baron for Tai Ping among others. The district also has a showcase of new permanent showrooms including Azzurra, C&C Milano, Visionnaire, Tectona Paris and many more. The district will be witnessing some very special projects and Events.

Porsche’s “The Art of Dreams” event

With the elegant efforts of the iconic floral artist Ruby Barber, Porsche will be adding a personal touch to the Brera district’s design week theme, with an exquisite installation at the Palazzo Clerici. The installation aims to explore the relationship between nature and technology with an immersive, dreamlike installation- the Art of Dreams. The artist leaves no stones unturned with a lively new sculptural art, which creates a subtle dialogue between the fragility of nature through floral arrangements, with the agitation of the future through technological perspectives. It is fascinating to notice that even in its resting state, the installation is very much alive with the added efforts put in by Ruby Barber through choreographed performances. The intensity of the creative process has been very much visible with the collaborative efforts of Ruby with flight engineers and numerous drone pilots in the creation of the innovative installation. The installation will speak volumes about Porsche’s pioneering spirit while subtly questioning the role of technology, its contributions and dispositions to nature.

Porsche’s ‘Art of Dreams Milano’ installation Image: Courtesy of Benne Ochs
Valcucine at Brera Design District Image: Courtesy of Valcucine
Valcucine and LEED mapping, the present and the future of sustainability in architecture

Valcucine as a sponsor for Brera Design Week will be presenting a series of appointments to confirm the constant commitment of the company towards creating a sustainable future with their event ‘Sustainability beyond space and time’. The project will incorporate their latest LEED v4.1 mapping through a path that rereads the company’s 40-year long history through the lens of sustainable development goals. They will also be presenting an assortment of famous architectural models in the 3D version and displayed through an augmented reality experience.

Etamine by Elodie Deletoille at Brera Design Week Image: Courtesy of Zimmer & Rohde
Cristina Celestino presents ‘Florilegio’

Cristina Celestino- a renowned Italian designer will be curating a design intervention at the Fioraio Radaelli- a space designed by Guglielmo Ulrich in 1945. The ‘Florilegio’ takes inspiration from the very nature of space as a combined narrative between inside and outside, interacting with the pre-existing aesthetics while establishing a fertile harmony between an idea of design and the domesticated nature. The intervention will be a subtle tribute to nature in which, Cristina will be concealing any decorative element present in the space with mirrored objects that celebrate the magical and ironic nature of “nature.”

Illustration for Florilegio Image: Courtesy of Cristina Celestino
Korean Craft Exhibition- ‘Again from the Earth’s Foundation’

Italian design and Korean craftsmanship will be commemorated in a joint effort of three legendary designers Michele de Lucchi, Mario Trimarchi and Francesco Faccin over an exhibition ‘Again, From the Earth’s Foundation’. The trio come together to draw the world’s attention to the value of craftsmanship, especially for their incorporation of natural materials in design. Each of the designers with their unique approaches interprets the Korean aesthetic with the help of Korean master Craftsmen- Gangyoung Park, Hyungkun Lee and Sungja Hur.

Korea Craft and Design Foundation exhibition Image: Courtesy of KCDF
Baglioni Hotels and Resorts present “IN-BETWEEN. Between Art and Design

The building site for the latest edition of the Baglioni collection- the Casa Baglioni, will open its doors for an art exhibition ‘IN-BETWEEN.Between Art and Design’. The exhibition has been curated by Spagnulo and Partners describing the delicate relationship between art and design, which also happens to be a conceptual matrix of the project. The exhibition will see the display of artworks by three iconic artists- Agostino Bonalumi, Anne Imohof and Giulio Paolini. The exhibition will explore the depiction of art through the interior design of the project indicating the dialogue between the two as a method to discover new ways of communication. It will be an integration of art with design and architecture embracing the overall creative process of the thematic conception of the Baglioni House.

Conceptualisation for the lobby entrance for Casa Baglioni Image: Courtesy of Baglioni Hotels and Resorts
Visionnaire’s ‘Nature’s Jewels Box’

The Italian furnishing giant-Visionnaire will present its capsule collection “Nature’s Jewel Box’ at its outlet at the Piazza Cavour of the Brera Design District. They celebrate the regenerative power of nature in comparison with the radical changes in the world, by investigating a rare perspective- the fantastical resilience of trees. The collection is a celebration of the power of trees in adapting to the constantly changing climatic conditions even in hostile environments. They will be presenting the collection alongside their other initiatives during the Milan design week.

Brera Design Week Image: Courtesy of Chiara Venegoni
A doorway to the urban Moai

The Easter Island Moai, created by Urban Solid, are sculptures that portray a whole civilisation that is embedded in a current urban milieu. Defaced like our cities' walls or monuments, they take on new significance in their association with the "Doorway to" installations: the overlaying of two-dimensional layers that produce the silhouette of Milan's city icon, the Duomo.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s “True to Nature- the show is back”

Signature Kitchen Suite intends to promote knowledge regarding the importance of re-establishing a strong connection with nature as a vital part of our lives, especially in cities. The audience will be enveloped in an immersive experience that will begin in the outdoor gallery with an original illustration by Carlo Stanga and continue across the three levels of the showroom, which have recently been restyled by Calvi Brambilla. The itinerary aims to describe, including by tasting, some of the manufacturing methods that ensure quality and respect for raw materials, as well as technical and design solutions that, at home, maintain the environment.

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