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Biophilic design meets rugs and furniture in ‘The Art of Formation’ at Alcova
The ‘Art of Formation’ showcase by Art & Loom and Bea Pernia at Alcova
Image: Courtesy of Art & Loom and Bea Pernia

Biophilic design meets rugs and furniture in ‘The Art of Formation’ at Alcova

Art & Loom and Bea Pernia draw inspiration from rocks, translating it into rug and furniture designs, for their showcase at Milan Design Week 2023.

by STIRpad
Published on : Apr 16, 2023

Dating back to the beginning of time, rocks have been the very foundation upon which we stand—their unique structure, shape, and evolution, create a process that renders a beauty, often overlooked. Miami-based interior design studio Art & Loom and interior designer Bea Pernia have joined forces to present ‘The Art of Formation’ for Milan Design Week 2023 at Alcova, drawing inspiration from the natural phenomenon of rocks. This collaborative study will explore the intersection of sculptures with the function of rocks, shaped by time. The showcase will serve as a reminder to marvel at the Earth’s primordial majesty, the ever-evolving process of geological formation, and the genesis of Earth. The two brands will unveil new luxury handmade rugs and sculptural furniture pieces that evoke a sense of raw, untouched beauty. "I wanted to create something elemental and natural in form and material, blending artistry with functionality. Bea's furniture resonated with these values, and Alcova's raw and untouched space is the perfect backdrop for our collective vision," shares Samantha Gallacher, the founder and creative director of Art & Loom. An ode to the beauty of the Earth's foundation, showcasing organic shapes and patterns that reflect nature at its most primal and captivating, where lines become signs of life and the passing of time, defines the showcase.

At the joint installation, Art & Loom will harness the occasion to launch four new, bold hand-woven rug designs—featuring organic patterns inspired by tectonic plate shifts, imagined rock formations and shattered slate—Ondula, Stonehenge, The Formation Era, and The Divide. Art & Loom rugs are made using ancient techniques and materials such as silk, wool, linen, and Allo, a fibre made from Himalayan nettle. Bea Pernia will unveil two new additions to the award-winning Atus Collection—the Beloco Baby side tables and the Atus High Console. Made from wood and sustainable marble off-cuts, Atus Collection is characterised by its biophilic design philosophy and highlights imperfections and inherent beauty of its materiality. "I strive to create harmonious compositions that can bring nature’s elegant soul into the home in a way that's striking and functional. I aspire that my designs can foster a deep connection between people and nature, harnessing the raw and natural beauty of the materials," shares Bea Pernia, the designer of the Atus Collection.

The Atus collection by Pernia challenges the conventions of traditional luxury furniture and is defined by its biophilic design philosophy. Each product design is a true work of art, masterfully crafted by combining contrasting natural materials into structured assemblages of organic beauty and harmony. On the other hand, Gallacher draws inspiration from art, nature, and fashion to translate artful patterns into highly detailed functional art.

Together, Pernia and Gallacher have combined their passion for biophilic design and nature to create a showcase that highlights the importance of natural materials and their evolution. Although the pieces are part of collections with individual identities, they sit together in harmony for the showcase, as part of a single collection, as the common thread of homogenous ideologies.

Text by Ria Jha.

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