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Bea Pernia’s Atus Collection is an organic play in stone and wood
Atus Collection by Bea Pernia
Image: Courtesy of Bea Pernia

Bea Pernia’s Atus Collection is an organic play in stone and wood

The collection, made up of nine objects, uses several types of woods, stones, porcelain and faux fur.

by Almas Sadique
Published on : Mar 31, 2022

Bea Pernia has juxtaposed some of the most common natural materials in her recent furniture collection to give life to a series of products that confound and intrigue the viewer on account of their near perfect finishing and visual similarity to natural entities. The Atus Collection comprises nine furniture pieces that are made out of unique combinations of stone, marble, porcelain, metal, fabrics and several kinds of wood. “I’m very inspired by natural materials, especially when you start combining them. I like to play with a fine line of juxtaposition that makes things work,” explains Bea Pernia.

Atus recliner and round table Image: Courtesy of Bea Pernia
Bemons Chair with black faux fur Image: Courtesy of Bea Pernia

In addition to the contrast created by the different natural materials used to sculpt out the furniture items, the insertion of contrasting colours further accentuates these pieces. Featuring different kinds of chairs, tables and desks, the Atus Collection utilises the best of the natural materials available. The collection is designed to fulfil both the utilitarian role ascribed to furniture items as well as an ornamental function. Each piece is a combination of ruggedly sculpted stone monoliths and cleanly cut wooden planks, thus offering a balance. Since the stone and wood used in each object is also different, all the individual pieces stand out against each other. Each carries a unique design and uses unique materials. At the same time, the process of sculpting them out is the same. This grants the pieces a subtle uniformity and binds them together into a collection.

Atus chairs Image: Courtesy of Bea Pernia
Atus chairs and round table Image: Courtesy of Bea Pernia

The chairs and tables from the Atus collection can fit into the spaces of a design or art gallery just as easily as they can fit into an indoor space. It is this sculptural identity that draws attention and serves as the most distinct aspect of the collection. The usage of natural materials in these designs serves to bring the users a little more close to nature. This recent collection is a nod to Pernia’s constant attempt at pushing the limits of materials in order to create objects that are unique and provoke thought, introspection and conversations. Her experimental mode of work can be witnessed in the organic designs that she has created. The placement of marbles obtained from Portugal quarries against natural white oak wood, black walnut wood and weathered teak wood helps in manufacturing experiences that can be witnessed from afar or indulged in from close proximity. Some of the pieces that especially stand out in the collection include the Bemons Chair, the Beloco Round Table and the Atus Desk. The Bemons Chair is made out of a unique combination of marble and sustainable Siberian faux fur, thus serving as a perfect combination of rough and soft materials.

Bemons Chair Image: Courtesy of Bea Pernia
Portrait of Bea Pernia Image: Gabriel Matarazzo

Bea Pernia, born in Los Angeles and raised in Venezuela, founded her design studio BEA Designs in 2012. Most of her designs are an amalgamation of artistic sensibilities and pragmatic learnings. With an attempt to experiment on something new with every new project, Pernia delves into stretching the limits of fabrics, leather textures and other natural materials as well as in the exploration of shapes and contrasts. Apart from experimenting with natural materials, she also plays with metal and other contemporary offerings.

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