antoniolupi envisions the future of bathroom design at Salone 2022
antoniolupi at Salone del Mobile 2022
Photo Credit: Courtesy of antoniolupi

antoniolupi envisions the future of bathroom design at Salone 2022

Salone del Mobile 2022 sets the stage for the Italian bath brand to showcase immersive settings across myriad themes.

by STIRpad
Published on : May 28, 2022

“For many it is a way to restart, for us, who have never stopped for a moment, of verification. For some, it is a new beginning, for us, an important step in a coherent and continuous path that we have continued even in the most difficult years,” says Andrea Lupi, art director of antoniolupi. “For others "you can't not be there", for us it is an absolute desire and thirst for knowledge, comparison, and dialogue, which only Salone del Mobile can give," he adds. The Italian brand specialising in home and bathroom furnishing, antoniolupi is set to showcase innovative designs at the anticipatory design fair in June. In the exhibition space of 880 square metres, antoniolupi lays bare varying research themes, allowing the visitor to partake in the immersive settings.

Letteramuta designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi
Ofuro designed by Carlo Colombo for antoniolupi Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi

Evaluating and mirroring the geometry of the beam, developed mainly in length, Letteramuta is a linear system of aluminium shelves designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi. The new made-to-measure system functions to harbour bathroom accessories and transforms them into a versatile modular shelf owing to strategic holes and slots. In a phase of continuous evolution, the versatile value of the structural element remains, creating space for the suggestion of addition, detail, surprise and innovation. Offering infinite possibilities for customisation, its versatility makes it fitting an elegant and contemporary living room, but also for the bedroom or kitchen. The shelf can also be amped up with integrated LED lighting, placed both in the lower part and in the upper part to diffuse and distribute light evenly.

Letteramuta performs its function adjacent to the bathtub Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi
Letteramuta also functions well in supporting the sink area Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi

Evocative of the tradition of the Japanese ritual of Ofuro, antoniolupi in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Carlo Colombo has created a sculptural bathtub that traces the journey from Japanese tradition to contemporary design. Showcasing a large and generous geometry reminiscent of ryokans and public baths of Japan, the Ofuro bathtub is a large plastic form with straight lines and sharp edges juxtaposed with soft shapes and curved surfaces. The lowered edge in the front poses as a welcoming cue for users to immerse themselves entirely both in the freestanding version or when it is embedded into the floor and takes on the image of a bucket of natural water. Made of Flumood, Ofuro’s edge varies in thickness, wider in some parts allowing a consequent possibility of supporting objects and body care products, thinner in other parts to lighten the otherwise striking volume. The bathtub can be equipped with LED light integrated at the base exuding a feeling of elegance and suspension.

Ofuro is made of Flumood and has an edge of variable thickness Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi
The lowered edge in the front of the bathtub is an inviting element Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi

antoniolupi invites viewers to be a part of a story made of contemporary style and an elegant balance of forms, high-quality materials and tactility of the surfaces, intricate details, and refined colours. All the choices of the company conform to these ideals, they are the tools with which the collections are designed and successful products are created. Through his work antoniolupi expresses his own concept of beauty, displaying an incessant path of research that has strengthened through the years because of new and exclusive collaborations.

The designs by antoniolupi will be on display at Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan, S.Project space, Hall 13 Stand A07 B18.

STIR takes you on a Milanese sojourn! Experience Salone del Mobile and all the design districts - 5vie, Brera, Fuorisalone, Isola, Zona Tortona, and Durini - with us. STIR’s coverage of Milan Design Week 2022, Meanwhile in Milan showcases the best exhibits, moods, studios, events, and folks to look out for. We are also excited to announce our very own STIR press booth at Salone del Mobile - Hall 5/7 S.14, Fiera Milano RHO.


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