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‘Selene’ a new transitional space by Kiki Goti at Milan Design Week 2024
Selene Collection by Kiki Goti
Image: Courtesy of Kiki Goti

‘Selene’ a new transitional space by Kiki Goti at Milan Design Week 2024

The Greek architect and designer is set to introduce a welcoming space at Villa Borsani, showcasing hybridised materials and her latest collection of products.

by Kiki Goti
Published on : Mar 25, 2024

Greek architect, designer, and educator Kiki Goti hybridises materials and fabrication methods to explore relationships between colour, texture, heritage, and identity. In 2023, Goti debuted with her first solo exhibition, Neo-Vanity, at Alcova during Milan Design Week to great acclaim. This year Goti will unveil her new project Selene during the highly anticipated design festival.

Selene at Alcova for Milan Design Week 2024

Throughout the years, the perception of foyers in domestic spaces has shifted, ranging from modest intimate entry rooms to grandiose public entrances. With Selene, Goti unveils a new persona within the home, a space that is both transitional and welcoming. Located at the landing of the main stairwell at Villa Borsani, the space acts as an antechamber, showcasing two new glass pieces, a bench and a mirror, produced in collaboration with the Venetian glass manufacturer Vetralia and two metal pieces, an accent chair design and a table lamp, from Goti’s latest collection.

Resting between the foyer and the hearth, Selene is a liminal space for quiet contemplation and intimate exchange; a room where everyday, modest materials are transformed into opulent, sumptuous pieces through artisanal craftsmanship. The pieces invite the viewer to their own transformation, as they move from the public area of the home to the more intimate rooms. Inspired by the goddess of the Moon, Selene represents reflectivity, introspection and self-discovery; a space where the element of water is made manifest through metal and glass, and where the transition of day to night is cradled through one’s reflection in the Nuphar mirror, a gorgeous interpretation of the water lily. By employing reflective materials such as aluminium, steel and silverized glass as the primary design elements of Selene, Goti achieves a harmonising counterbalance of last year’s Neo-Vanity—a more colourful and spirited rendition of the divine feminine—while simultaneously introducing a new kind of transitional space.

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