Sé La Vie celebrates 10 years at Galleria Rossana Orlandi with Nika Zupanc

Sé La Vie celebrates 10 years at Galleria Rossana Orlandi with Nika Zupanc

by Nika Zupanc
Published on : Sep 03, 2021

For Milan Design Week 2021, European design house Sé presents SÉ: LA VIE – an exhibition that celebrates a decade of collaboration at Galleria Rossana Orlandi.

Within one of Milan’s most iconic venues, three welcoming rooms have been designed around our collective yearning for conviviality: the pleasures of gathering together, of sharing a sofa, sitting around a table and enjoying stimulating conversations.

For SÉ: LA VIE, Sé’s creative team has chosen a colour palette that explores the emotions of warmth, compassion and reunion. Welcoming reds and browns evoke the comforting feeling of autumnal Italian sunshine, while Sé’s elegant and expressive new designs use tactile and textural materials to enhance the sense of comfort, sociability and luxury.

A Decade's Collaboration

SÉ: LA VIE marks a rewarding decade of collaboration between Sé design doyenne Rossana Orlandi, who also exclusively represents Sé in Italy. Three of Sé’s four acclaimed collections– by Jaime Hayon, Nika Zupanc and Ini Archibong – were launched at Galleria Rossana Orlandi and during this time Sé founder Pavlo Schtakleff has steered Sé into becoming an acclaimed design house with a distinct aesthetic. Now available through a network of more than 20 dealers around the world, London-based Sé creates design collections with emerging talent, using the finest artisanal makers in Europe.

As the spark to collaborate with Nika Zupanc was ignited at Galleria Rossana Orlandi, it is fitting that in its own 10th anniversary year, Sé is launching two new pieces with the Slovenian designer – the Grace Sofa and the Silence Lamp.

“The relationship we have with Rossana Orlandi is very special,” says Sé creative partner, Amalia Schtakleff. “Having the encouragement of such a force within the design industry has been invaluable to Sé and we are very grateful to her. Rossana is a true supporter of emerging talent. Being able to present our work in such a memorable venue has pushed is to reinvent the space each year – evolving our aesthetic and introducing our roster of talented artists and designers. In our 10th anniversary year, we hope guests will be encouraged to sit for a while and feel the welcoming spirit we have enjoyed during the last decade.”

Sé’s New Pieces at Sé: La Vie 

Inspired by the shape of seashells, Grace Sofa is a new sectional sofa designed by Nika Zupanc. Sé’s first corner sofa, the Grace fulfils our desire for conviviality and comfort. Upholstered in rich brown velvet from French fabric company Lelièvre Paris.

Bringing a sense of repose and harmony, the Silence Lamp, also designed by Zupanc, is a new large sculptural lamp with a canopy-like shade. Base in Carrara marble; also available in any Sé ceramic colour.

Sé’s Break In The Clouds Table by Damien Langlois-Meurinne is shown in travertine for the first time. The table is sturdy and irresistibly tactile. Available in a range of sizes from bistro to grand dining, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Langlois-Meurinne’s The Only One Side Table is an elegantly simple, sculptural shape which flares downwards and is now available in bronze with a verdigris patina in numbered editions.


Complementary artworks that have meaningful relationships with Sé pieces will be shown alongside the new works. These include architectural embroidery window panels by Studio MTX, rugs by La Manufacture Cogolin, a mobile by Christel Sadde, art pieces from Atelier Martin Berger and Studio Earle, mirrors by Kiko Lopez and a window art installation LaPenultima Céna-The  Langhe Supper by Anotherview Project.

4th - 12th September, 9am – 8pm

Galleria Rossana Orlandi - Milan, via Matteo Bandello 14 – 16


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