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Ryosuke Fukusada unveils his assortment of designs for HAY at 3daysofdesign
Chim Chim diffuser by Ryosuke Fukusada
Image: Courtesy of Ryosuke Fukusada

Ryosuke Fukusada unveils his assortment of designs for HAY at 3daysofdesign

The BRIM pendant lamp and ANZA seating collection debuted at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, with a new coloured variant of the Chim Chim diffuser by Ryosuke Fukusada.

by Ryosuke Fukusada
Published on : Jun 13, 2024

Ryosuke Fukusada's product designs for the design brand HAY are on display during the 3daysofdesign at HAY HOUSE, Copenhagen. At this prestigious event, HAY unveiled its latest product line, featuring the BRIM pendant lamp also designed by Fukusada. The lamp design has a glass shade and is designed in collaboration with designer Rui Pereira. This exclusive preview marks the first public unveiling of the BRIM pendant lamp. In addition to the lamp, visitors can view the new colour version of the popular Chim Chim diffuser. Chim Chim, with its evocative wood-stove design, invites moments of disconnection from daily routines. With this object the product designer aims to engage users in a ritual-like experience, activating all senses while connecting to olfactory memory. It allows users to mix and match oils, creating atmospheres that reflect their state of mind.

Moreover, the Japanese designer's ANZA collection, which means 'to sit at ease' in Japanese, includes pouffes, benches and a coffee table. Inspired by the Japanese Zabuton cushion style, ANZA aims to create a generous floating cushion for dynamic seating. The soft outlines accommodate various seating postures, fostering a warm atmosphere for multiple scenarios. For its launch, a special textile called Tango Chirimen was developed by a Kyoto-based manufacturer. The furniture designs will be highlighted in Sketches of Seating - Exploring the Creative and Sketching Process of 32 International Designers, a book project by Rhys Kearns and Daniel Schofield Studio. This project aims to delve into the creative processes and sketching techniques of renowned furniture designers. Notably, all profits from the initial launch of the book will be donated to Naturfonden, an organisation dedicated to preserving nature.

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