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'Polli' by Karim Rashid is a modular stool designed for multiple functions
Polli collection
Image: Courtesy of Karim Rashid

'Polli' by Karim Rashid is a modular stool designed for multiple functions

Polli is a modular furniture collection inspired by organic forms and designed for versatile indoor and outdoor use, made from a lightweight, weather-resistant composite material. 

by Karim Rashid
Published on : May 28, 2024

The Chicago-based furniture brand Zachary A. introduces Polli, a modular furniture design collection designed in collaboration with the United States-based designer Karim Rashid. Inspired by the word 'polliwog', Polli is a deliberate exploration of organic form and movement. Much like a tadpole, with a head and a tail designed for constant motion, it grows alongside others of its kind.

The collection features two modular designs, mirrored to create four stools. The Polli stools are versatile on their own yet their curves create a modular system with endless variations. For professionals creating memorable gathering places, Polli presents a solution for cohesive indoor and outdoor space design that expands to fit the environment. For design enthusiasts, the stool design is striking as a standalone piece.

Two pieces hug each other and rotate through a smooth range of orientations. Three pieces nest to form a perfect circle. One can continue adding and arranging as many pieces as needed to find the flow that fits the space best. Polli is made of Zachary A.’s signature material, neither stone nor concrete; this material is an expertly crafted composite of resin, fibreglass and aggregate, resulting in a monolithic and unexpectedly light furniture collection. The hollow product design and durable weather-resistant material make Polli suitable for commercial settings of all kinds—from poolside to hotel lobbies to personal backyards. 

The furniture designer saw a chance to create something beautiful through a combination of their design style and Zachary A.’s material expertise. Several months of discussions transitioned into a creative collaboration. Working towards a common design goal of modular hospitality pieces, the breakthrough came when one proposal was adapted to emphasise the third dimension of height. 

“I’ve always said that industrial design is driven by designers embracing new technologies, whether it is material chemistry, production methods, or mechanical inventions. I read journals about technology and materials, visit my clients' factories, see new technologies at trade fairs and listen to the expertise of my clients. I was so impressed with the innovation of not just the material of Zachary A., but also their playful collectivism. It inspired me to design the Polli. It is about engaging us as beings, making an inanimate object animate and increasing human connection. My designs are about living in the moment and enriching our physical landscape, the same way art, music, nature and emotions enrich our lives," shares Rashid. 

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