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Parasite 2.0 Studio's installation contrasts Venetian interior with sci-fi set designs
Parasite 2.0 studio conceives an immersive, site-specific installation for Crash Baggage
Image: Courtesy of Parasite 2.0 Studio

Parasite 2.0 Studio's installation contrasts Venetian interior with sci-fi set designs

Marking the Venice Architecture Biennale, Parasite 2.0 studio conceives an immersive, site-specific installation for Crash Baggage, offering a new space of discovery.

by Parasite 2.0
Published on : May 17, 2023

On the occasion of the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale, Crash Baggage, the brand of suitcases with a dented design, presents Lunar, a site-specific installation by Parasite 2.0. A site-specific immersive installation conceived by the Parasite 2.0 studio, a design and research agency based in Milan and London, for Italian brand Crash Baggage, is offering a new space of discovery and participation in the city of Venice, which is otherwise crowded with tourists and the noise of rolling suitcases.

At the centre of the Lunar installation, is the new patent Crash Baggage, which the suitcase brand has been working on for about two years, which features the first trolley tire that owing to a simple technology in its materials insulates against any noise and reduces vibrations on the many types of pavement.

With the installation, Parasite 2.0 has set up a filter space between the Venetian canals that are crowded with tourists, small boats and rumbling trolleys, and the muffled silence of Lunar wheel’s world. The installation is set on the ground floor among the small calli that go from the canals to the heart of the Sestriere Arsenale, through a tortuous maze, where sound travels on different waves, creating echoes, and propagating among damp old brick walls. By crossing an inconspicuous entrance, we find ourselves in a dark space featuring inflatable, pneumatic objects and lights.

In the centre, we find a wheel, seemingly floating in its lightness, like an object from another dimension. Around it, the new Crash Baggage items are embedded in meteor rocks and niches that resemble spaceship interiors. The Lunar wheel and the Crash Baggage items inhabit a space where sounds, lights and images blend together, then take us to an alien world, where silence and noise alter our perception of the opposite.

“The installation creates a strong contrast between the Venetian interior, which is characterised by rough bricks and plasters, and a collection of soft, shiny, pneumatic objects whose aesthetic is reminiscent of set designs from the old days of science fiction films, like a type of a primitive future,” relays Parasite 2.0.

“I believed in this project since the beginning," says Francesco Pavia, the founder of Crash Baggage, “In the luggage industry, there is a strong need for evolution when it comes to the accessories sector and especially the wheel sector. This can happen if one decides to invest in innovation using novel technologies. Crash Baggage has decided to do this by launching Lunar.”

Mr. Pavia further explains, "This is a truly revolutionary idea that, once it lands on the market, can lead to the solution of problems which have been on the table for quite some time: from noise pollution to the damage of public domain; these issues are closely related to the city of Venice. Moreover, I am very proud of the fact that the partners have guided me, accompanied me and believed in this project: from the inventor of the wheel, Adriano Bucchia, to the production suppliers, the Gruppo Favaron, are all partners who are passionately devoted to the territory, and with whom we have worked together, side by side, for more than two years."

With the Lunar Wheel’s launch, Crash Baggage is introducing a new limited-edition collection of carry-on suitcases. This is an ad hoc capsule collection to feature the Lunar wheel for the first time. Its four different colours: Sunset, Galaxy, Infinity Black and Silver Moon, all evocative–through shades of gradient effect–of atmospheres akin to lunar landscapes.

The installation will be on view from May 20 to June 30, 2023, at Fondamenta della Tana / Calle del Forno 2093 - 30100 Venice, Italy. 

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