Nigel Coates presents new collection at Shenzhen Design Week 2021
Nigel Coates at Shenzhen Design Week 2021
Photo Credit: All image courtesy Nigel Coates

Nigel Coates presents new collection at Shenzhen Design Week 2021

The English architect showcases his latest offerings in the London Pavilion at the design week this year

by STIRpad
Published on : Nov 10, 2021

Nigel Coates studio's broad portfolio includes many building types and a wide range of furniture, making the studio unusually capable of creating unique environments with full FF&E. The team is composed specifically to benefit from a disciplinary crossover and includes qualified architects, interior designers and product designers. 

As part of the third annual Shenzhen Design Week, Nigel Coates was invited by the Chartered Society of Designers to exhibit furniture and lighting pieces in their London pavilion. The stand took the form of a fragmented London apartment, decked out in attention-grabbing furniture pieces and elegant accessories. New objects included the Potentino bed and an updated version of the Plasma chair for Poltronova. These were exhibited alongside the Pebble sofas for Hitch Mylius, Angel Falls chandelier for Terzani, Bistrostuhl & Cafestuhl for GTV and other established Nigel Coates favourites such as the Carry Artid lamps, Occhione mirror and Feral chairs. All were designed in London and manufactured through a network of producers in Europe.

About Shenzhen Design Week 
A city-wide festival hosted annually, Shenzhen Design Week (SZDW) is programmed according to a set theme and focus. Initiated in 2017, the design week aims at building an international, cross-categories, professional platform for the design industry. This platform of large scale will facilitate international culture exchange, design branding and promotion, showcasing design achievements, design product trading, design resource convergence and integration as well as promotion of design thinking and consciousness.

The design week will run from 9 to 12 December 2021


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