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Nichetto Studio marks its US debut with novel furniture designs at NYCxDesign
Nichetto Studio showcases the Soft Blown and Azores collections at NYCxDesign
Image: Courtesy of Luca Nichetto

Nichetto Studio marks its US debut with novel furniture designs at NYCxDesign

The Swedish designer transports his creative novelties to the US, showcasing them in the bustling grounds of NYCxDesign.

by Luca Nichetto
Published on : May 22, 2023

As NYCxDesign commences, Nichetto Studio invites visitors to discover some of their newly-launched products, on display in intimate settings throughout the city. This year, the Swedish designer brings his passion for craftsmanship to the forefront, showcasing some of the studio's latest creations in collaboration with talented artisans. The showcases will unfold at two standout events during the design week from May 18 to 25, 2023.

Soft Blown Collection
Inspired by inflatables and the playful spirit of summer days, the Soft Blown collection for renowned porcelain brand Lladró was recently launched at Milan Design Week 2023, and makes its first appearance in the United States at the brand's new flagship store in downtown Manhattan. Nichetto Studio has approached the collection with a distinctive verve, taking cues from the animating spirit of sunny days when the streets are brimming with performance artists effortlessly crafting colourful and intricate balloon creations. This image becomes the origin of the Airbloom table lamp and the Afloat suspension lamp. Working with porcelain and its characteristic malleability, the designer brings soft shapes that embody the buoyancy of balloon art to life.

Azores Collection
Nichetto Studio's Faial armchair from the Azores collection for De La Espada is on display at The Future Perfect. The collection, which is inspired by the landscape and architecture of the Azores archipelago, features modular designs that are reminiscent of islands. North American visitors to The Future Perfect will now be able to witness Nichetto Studio's final collaboration with De La Espada up close and experience its unique forms. Styled together, the elements form a sculpture-like composition, their soft, rounded shapes reminiscent of organic formations. The internal feet are cleverly concealed, creating the illusion that the sofa is suspended. The end result is a flexible combination of floating 'islands' that can be styled separately or composed to produce a striking and above all usable piece of furniture design.

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