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Nichetto Studio illuminates Barovier&Toso's new store with 'Burning Light'
Burning Light window installation
Image: Courtesy of Nichetto Studio

Nichetto Studio illuminates Barovier&Toso's new store with 'Burning Light'

Nichetto Studio's 'Burning Light' installation at Barovier&Toso embodies Murano's fiery furnace through a deconstructed chandelier, symbolizing artisanal prowess.

by Luca Nichetto
Published on : Dec 01, 2023

Burning Light, the latest window installation by Nichetto Studio for Barovier&Toso's Venetian flagship store is a visual metaphor for the incandescent flames of the oven. The  deconstructed chandelier illustrations Barovier&Toso’s exquisite craft, symbolise the raw power of fire and light, harnessed by skilled artisans to create dazzling masterpieces. The meticulously crafted Venetian glass elements on the lighting design are alive, radiating a kaleidoscope of reflected light from behind a reddish-orange film, pulsating with their unique energy.

“Something that has always fascinated me during my visits to Murano is the distinct orange colour inside the furnace, created by a powerful light. The dream was to recreate that sensation using a chandelier, the cornerstone of the company's expertise and has been crafted for centuries,” shares Luca Nichetto.

Burning Light is a tribute to the centuries of artistry at Barovier&Toso, a poetic nod to the passionate spirit that ignites the hearts of their artisans by the lighting designer. The outcome is a mesmerising showcase that beckons visitors to forge a connection with the history and profound beauty of Venice and Murano glass, culminating in an enchanting and immersive experience

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