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Kristina Dam Studio resumes sculptural minimalism at 3daysofdesign's 10th edition
Kristina Dam Studio blends design, art, and architecture with 'sculptural minimalism' for their annual exhibition at 3daysofdesign 2023
Image: Courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam Studio resumes sculptural minimalism at 3daysofdesign's 10th edition

An exhibit of Kristina Dam’s new designs and original sculptures conceived using multi-sensory experiences is on at The Vintage Bar in Copenhagen, during 3daysofdesign 2023. 

by Kristina Dam
Published on : Jun 07, 2023

At the ongoing 10th edition of 3daysofdesign held in Copenhagen, Denmark (June 7-9, 2023), Kristina Dam Studio will be holding its annual exhibition at the stunning central location of The Vintage Bar in the Danish capital, a community-driven vintage marketplace for premium and luxury fashion. The exhibit comprises new designs and original sculptures by Copenhagen-based product designer Kristina Dam, manifested through the use of 'multi-sensory' experiences, with the continued exploration of 'sculptural minimalism' as the central theme.

The exhibition takes place in a series of rooms, each with a unique interpretation of the theme and atmosphere. The sculptures and installations by the Danish architect and graphic designer are suited to the space while highlighting a particular design piece or artwork. Viewers will walk through the brand's sculpture process, from the initial prototypes to the finished products.

Visitors will be also able to try Kristina Dam Studio's delicately scented, rich hand cream at the entrance, in tandem with creating their cardboard artwork in a monochrome colour palette, which they can then bring home. The focus on sculptures and pedestals throughout the space lends itself to an exploration of light and shadow, adding to the sensual experience. The combination of the setting and interior styling creates a unique mise en scène that highlights Kristina Dam Studio's design universe.

During 3daysofdesign, the newest addition to the 'Outline' series—'Outline' Bar Chair, joins the 'Outline' Chair and Desk, bringing a long-desired addition to this beloved collection that celebrates the minimal, Scandinavian architectural style. With an airy aesthetic, the 'Outline' Bar Chair has a minimalist chair design, allowing it to fit easily into any interior design setting. The interplay of wooden rectangles in the furniture design creates visual harmony, which is key to the Danish designer's ethos of 'sculptural minimalism.'

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